We’re a little early for International Sushi Day (June 18, 2021) or a little late, depending on how you view the sake glass. But this we know, it’s always a good day for sushi.


Yesterday was a perfect afternoon for the yummies at Rock N Roll Sushi on Chenal Parkway. Sure, there’s a new location in downtown on Main St. but when you’re driving on Chenal Parkway, and you have a hankering for sushi and it’s 3:00 pm, there is only one option. And delighted would be an understatement about the meal.

I dined alone and started with an item on the Opening Acts menu; it was their version of tuna tartare. It was spicy and delish. Then the sushi roll that came is like nothing I’ve ever had. The Cyndi roll has shrimp tempura, spicy tuna (you probably recognize a theme here), cream cheese and seared tuna then it was topped with –wait for it – a strawberry-avocado-jalapeno-cucumber salad, sweet chili-ponzu dressing, spicy mayo and eel sauce. This clearly had the necessary spice, but it was chased with some sweetness. It was perfection.

Don’t wait until International Sushi Day in June to eat sushi. I’m Lisa Fischer, and I approved this message.