Looking for that perfect piece of jewelry? Need a new piece for your collection? Then head to Fayetteville tomorrow for an exclusive jewelry pop-up event!
Roberson’s Fine Jewelry is hosting a Cynthia Ann Jewels pop-up event starting tomorrow at Glo Limited in Fayetteville. The pop-up event will be held Sept. 19-20, from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. in Fayetteville.
Most excitingly, Cynthia Ann, the owner of Cynthia Ann Jewels, will be present during the event! She will tell the story behind her jewelry line and what inspires her as a designer.
Cynthia Ann’s jewelry incorporates historical artifact, including coins, medallions and crosses. These artifacts have been collected and sourced from around the world and are often hundreds of years old. Some of the artifacts date back as far as 800 A.D.
Each artifact is unique with a distinctive design. Some of the designs are saints, while others are of animals or images of Christ. Instead of making a reproduction of the artifacts, Cynthia Ann uses the original artifacts in her pieces, making each piece of jewelry one-of-a-kind.
According to Trish Roberson, owner of Roberson’s Fine Jewelry, the event will feature a wide selection of Cynthia Ann’s work. In fact, she says the event will feature more inventory than is typically possible to display at a store.
The pop-up event will be held in Fayetteville at Glo Limited, which is located at 577 E. Millsap Road.
For more information, contact Roberson’s Fine Jewelry, located at 11525 Cantrell Road in Little Rock, at 501-664-9000.
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