Pimento Cheese and Grilled French Bread

Here’s a million dollar idea. Build a three story parking deck in Hillcrest, and no one will drive off mad. We needed one on Tuesday while we circled the block for a rare street spot or one behind the new Hill Station at Beechwood and Kavanaugh Blvd. in historic Hillcrest. It’s the old Helmich garage location for so many years. 


We chose to dine at Hill Station since it is new to the ‘hood. It opened just a couple of weeks ago, and by the looks of it, it’s a hit. Not a table was open when we went. We arrived right at 12:15, were greeted by the hostess, Sarah, and then seated at the first table becoming the unofficial lunchtime greeters. 

Curry Chicken Salad

We were thrilled that the place was bumping, but the restaurant needed another server. Joe was the only one serving our side of the building; there is another side to the building and a server was spotted for them. Both sides kept them hopping. Thankfully, Joe brought us warm pimento cheese and crusty grilled French bread. It is the kind of dish you could easily order for take out and enjoy with a glass of wine tonight while watching the next big thing on Netflix. As for our lunch, it took a bit longer to get our order placed but it finally arrived. (Remember Joe was the only one spinning plates for our tables.) We finished our meal at 1:15 p.m.. So if it’s an hour you have off for lunch, give yourself some time to park and plan on an hour and 15 minutes. 


We ordered the curry chicken salad with the mixed greens and the hanger steak and frites and arugula salad. The chicken salad was perfect. Not too much food and very flavorful. The steak order wasn’t perfect. We ordered medium, and it lacked the pinkish center for our liking. The next time, we will order it medium rare to enjoy the pan juices offered by a grilled steak. The bill was almost $50. We didn’t save room for dessert but saw our friend sipping on a milkshake. There was a nice cocktail menu on the table as well as the soda shop menu. Hill Station is charming with some of its original architecture and Hillcrest vibe. It brings more life to an area already dominated by cool. The folks at Hillcrest Artisan Market across the street are responsible for the menu and the cooking. 


Look up the deets about Hill Station on Facebook. No website is listed yet. The owners are awaiting warmer weather. There is a lot of outside dining space with stand up heaters for chilly nights. And according to their Facebook page, there are plenty of great dinner options with nightly specials. We are hoping it’s another great reason to eat good local food in Hillcrest. 


Hill Station

2712 Kavanaugh Blvd. 

Little Rock, AR

Open 11am-9pm