Renaissance Homes has been serving the greater Little Rock area and beyond since 2002. From its conception, the hallmark of the company has been customer satisfaction and quality construction.
The company sets itself apart in the homebuilding industry through a combination of creating scientific, energy efficient and custom designs. Their success is predicated by their ability to work well together building dreams, using their combined 40 years of experience in the industry.
The company’s quality team of dedicated professionals strives to make the homebuilding experience as enjoyable as possible by including the customer in each phase of the homebuilding process. The team is committed to ongoing education, and Renaissance Homes has recently achieved the professional designation of Certified Green Professional.
“We really enjoy working with people, helping them create a home that reflects their personality and styles,” says Brandon Tedder, president of Renaissance Homes. “I regularly learn about new design ideas from our customers, and as a result, have really expanded our own creativity through their innovative ideas. I think this synergistic relationship has certainly helped make our company successful.”
Renaissance Homes ensures that every home the company builds is infused with the personalities of their owners. That’s why they offer their clients the opportunity to customize every aspect of their new home by choosing from a plethora of extraordinary items. It’s that commitment to unparalleled service and quality that has helped establish Renaissance Homes as one of the most recognized residential home builders in Arkansas.
And while they embrace a variety of styles when building custom homes, the business does have a signature look. It’s what they would call “rustic elegance,” which they utilize with exterior elements inside the home, as well as a healthy use of wood timbers on the inside and the outside.
Their work in this industry has made the professionals at Renaissance Homes adept in picking up on homebuilding trends. According to their team, more and more homes today are being built to include increased technology. An example of that would be the use of apps to control various features in and around the home, such as garage doors and HVAC units.
On the horizon, they expect to build smaller homes with even more amenities, particularly by adding elements introduced to them by the retiring Baby Boomer community. These types of homes feature lots of lights, are energy efficient and kitchen-centric, as well as have plenty of outdoor space and comfortable, but not massive, designs.
For those planning to build a home in the near future, the experts at Renaissance Homes recommend spending quality time with the building professionals on the front end, working out details of the build, rather than changing things as you go along. The initial efforts, they say, help clarify all of the details for the builder, allowing the project to build out more smoothly. Doing so will, in turn, save the client money in the long run — a win-win for everyone.