Nothing makes the fall sweeter than a new restaurant opening. And residents, passers-by and office workers in the Highway 10/Chenonceau Blvd. area of west Little Rock are thrilled at the news that Red Moon Tavern is now open.

Red Moon Tavern has been teasing us with its “coming soon” notices whether on social media or word of mouth. But now it’s a reality. It is open, and it is fabulous.


Just a week under its delicious belt, and Red Moon Tavern is one of those bar/restaurants that is open all day. So you can have that late lunch or early dinner and not feel like you’re imposing. The bar area is cool, and the food is delicious.

We devoured one the best meat/cheese boards in the city (for real) along with black bean hummus and a couple of soups. The view looks right at the new Bank OZK building on Highway 10, and it’s got a perfect outdoor space to have a drink or eats. Diners are loving the pizza, because if you remember, this is the same location of the old NYPD Pizza. Open seven days a week.

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