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In this installment, we posed some questions about the interplay between hormone therapy and aesthetic services to hormone therapy expert Christa Jackson, APRN, of Beyond Wellness, a leading Arkansas wellness company with clinics in Little Rock and Hot Springs. Here’s what she told us:


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Christa Jackson, APRN


What are your insights about potential interactions or synergies between hormone therapy and various aesthetic procedures?

Most of our hormone therapies and aesthetic procedures complement each other nicely. For example, our weight management program pairs nicely with optimizing a patient’s thyroid function to facilitate healthy weight loss, promote energy, regulate bowel movements and mitigate the risk of hair shedding. Furthermore, utilizing testosterone therapy, if indicated, can help further burn body fat while promoting lean muscle mass. The cherry on top to this treatment plan would be to utilize our EvolveX body sculpting to target muscle growth, tighten skin and improve appearance of cellulite. Moreover, EvolveX can help patients avoid the appearance of “loose skin” that commonly occurs with significant weight loss.


What other synergistic treatment plans are available?

Another synergistic treatment plan would include hormone therapy to improve sexual health outcomes for both male and female patients. This would pair nicely with the Wow Shot for men (erectile dysfunction/Peyronie’s disease) or women (improve sensation and orgasms, reduced pain, urinary incontinence). Additionally, the FormaV (vaginal dryness and/or appearance of vulva and labia) and/or VTone (tighter pelvic floor, urinary incontinence, stronger orgasms) can help women. The options are endless at Beyond Wellness, where we go beyond what meets the eye and beyond the “normal” one-size-fits-all standardized care approach. We can determine an A-to-Z protocol for every patient to meet them where they are in their unique health journey.


What kind of success have your treatment plans had?

I can’t tell you how many patients have totally restored their health by participating in our weight management program. I’ve had patients who were uncontrolled diabetics get their HgbA1c in the nondiabetic range while weaning off of blood pressure pills, statins, antidepressants, etc. I’ve had multiple patients lose over 100 pounds on our program. Countless patients have reduced their visceral fat and improved their liver function. I’ve seen it help patients with autoimmune conditions such as rheumatoid arthritis, psoriatic arthritis, Hashimoto’s, etc. So many patient stories run across my mind when I think about all of the victories that I’ve been blessed to be a part of. I truly love helping people regain their health and live abundant lives. I am so honored that people trust me with their health and that I get the opportunity to be a part of their health journey.


What should patients expect in terms of overall cost?

Unlike a lot of other clinics that have a “cookie-cutter” approach, we tailor our treatment plans and recommendations to each individual. Therefore, it is impossible to predict the cost of an individual plan. Insurance generally covers any appointment related to hormones (depending upon the individual plan). For aesthetic procedures, the cost can vary widely depending on factors such as the type of treatment and the area being treated. In most cases, we offer package pricing or discounts for multiple treatments or sessions. We also offer discounts on aesthetic treatments, weight management care, pellet procedures, skin care and supplements with our Beyond Wellness memberships. We always make sure to discuss in detail any cost related to treatment in our office prior to anything being performed to ensure there are no financial surprises.


Always consult your doctor or Beyond Wellness for personalized medical advice tailored to your individual needs and health concerns. They can provide professional guidance and support to help you make informed decisions about your well-being.


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