Randy Wiggins & Company brings more than 34 years of homebuilding experience to every project the company tackles. Since beginning his career in Sherwood, Wiggins has come to specialize in everything from trendy, high-end homes to large, custom homes. His extensive experience was rewarded when he was named as a life director of the Greater Little Rock Home Builders Association, where he once also served as president.
For Wiggins, success is predicated by the character of the team you choose. And for him, that team has led to a very successful outcome. It’s for that reason that he works to build strong partnerships with his homebuilding team, as well as his subcontractors.
Wiggins ensures top-notch quality on every project by spending quality time on his job sites, inspecting the quality of the work, while also meeting with new and existing clients. It’s that dedication to the client and their home that has propelled him through his career. It’s also allowed him to create a real rapport with his clients, earning their trust and ultimately becoming their friend by the end of the homebuilding process.
And over the course of that successful career, Wiggins has learned from some of the best in the business, including Bill Bosley, Jack Wilson and his own father, Austin Wiggins. In recent years, he’s used his expertise to help a niche market of empty nesters looking to downsize while also maintaining a beautiful, high-end garden home. As a result, he’s created a number of beautiful, garden home subdivisions.
Clients who have worked with Wiggins know him for his artistic style, which allows him to use his own creativity in the homes he builds. While his personal preference is contemporary, he enjoys designing and building homes that are completely in tune with his clients’ individual tastes and styles. “It’s their home!”
Before building a home, Wiggins meets with his clients to discuss their ideas, needs and expectations. Wiggins helps his clients see the bigger picture before he has even broken ground. If he could recommend only one thing to someone looking to build a home, it would be to find the land they wish to build on before moving forward with drawing of their plans.
Too often, he says, clients spend a fortune drawing plans that end up having to be redrawn. He also suggests homeowners keep their ideas in a notebook, which can easily be referred back to throughout the process. “Write down every idea, even the smallest detail,” Wiggins says. “So many times, people say, ‘I wish we had thought about that before we built!”
That notebook can also be a great place to keep clippings from magazines, color palettes or imagines from online. These elements of inspiration help him know his client’s preferences and style. With that in hand, he says, his team can put it all together.
Wiggins and his team have also picked up on some of the current building trends, as well. They have worked on a number of ceiling features, including wood beams inside the great room and sheetrock features over islands with tongue-and-groove inside for lighting pendants to hang from, as well other ceiling treatments. All these things seem to be trending now.