Memorial Day weekend is finally upon us! You might be spending part your time grillin’, but some of it will be chillin’. And we do that in front of a device. Am I right or am I right?

We’ve got some suggestions for your binge watching or maybe just something to start.

Let’s start with Amazon Prime. Because if you didn’t get hooked last season on The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, you’ve got to try it now because she’s using her 1950s wit and style to wow audiences.  Of course, this show is rated MA, so it’s not for little humans. But adults will like it, as the lead, Rachel Brosnahan, is very convincing as a raunchy comedienne.

Homecoming would be a good watch for Memorial Day weekend. calls it “engaging, engrossing, and ultimately emotional, Homecoming is one of the best-acted, best-directed, and best TV shows of the year, full-stop.” Pretty high praise considering Amazon is churning out the hits as fast as Netflix and Hulu are. It stars Julia Roberts and Sissy Spacek and it centers around soldiers transitioning to civilian life.

On Hulu, check out Man Seeking Woman. Of course, we are still catching our breath over The Act but now that things have simmered down, and you know how that one ends, check out Man Seeking Woman. calls it “one of TV’s most underrated comedies” and “the best TV show about dating.” Let us know what you think on that one.

On Netflix, check out Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. The title alone tells the premise but she’s not quite as crazy as you think. Or is she?

Heather Baker, our publisher, is so excited about the reboot of Beverly Hills 90210. The show is scheduled for FOX in August but with all the drama on set (really? Kelly and Brandon fighting so soon?), I’ll believe it when I see it.  Press reports are saying writers are quitting, and there is just a kerfuffle about everything.  In all honesty, Luke Perry’s death due to a massive stroke earlier this month kind of puts a damper on the show even if the Peach Pit is involved. (Never mind: Cue your best teen screams from the 90s!)

What’s in your queue?

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