I’ve had a really hard time this season, as it marks the first year since my fiancé, Ryan, and I faced a near-death experience — an attempted carjacking. For months, finding the right words for this letter has been a struggle. Truth be told, I’m still searching. 


I’ve come to realize that we truly only have this moment in time to laugh and love; tomorrow isn’t promised, and we can’t change the past. This moment is a gift and is appropriately called the present. 

Ryan and I continue to relive the experience, one of the worst events of our lives. Day by day, night by night, we work through the mental health challenges. Professionals help us to recover after this period of unimaginable terror, vulnerability and grief. 


We know we are not the only people struggling with mental health after a traumatic event. With compassion, we tackle each day and each week in silent solidarity with those who have been hurt by violent crimes. Thankfully, our story involved escape; tragically, other stories do not. I’m forever aware — and in awe — that had there been one millimeter difference in bullet trajectory, I wouldn’t be writing this letter. Take time today to evaluate and appreciate the little things because one day, those little things will reveal themselves to you as the big things.


A better tomorrow is always possible. As Danish theologian Soren Kierkegaard said, “Life can only be understood backward but must be lived forward.”


Help is always available. With this MHG, we hope to change lives for the better. In our resource guide, you will find treatment plans, including acute care for children and adolescents, acute care for adults, dual diagnosis treatment, a detoxification program, a partial hospitalization program and intensive outpatient programs.


MHG is here to help find your mental health treatment and a happier, hope-filled tomorrow.


Heather Baker,

President & Publisher


Instagram  / heatherbaker_ar