Cheers for Zero

There are no unwanted children, just families they haven’t met yet.

Project Zero, a local nonprofit is dedicated to that ideal, diligently pursuing their goal of helping every child in foster care find their forever homes and families. Today there are nearly 5,000 children in foster homes in Arkansas, and Project Zero has partnered with Ristorante Capeo in a fundraising effort to  raise awareness and find out of the box ways to encourage adoption.

On Sunday, September 22nd, Ristorante Capeo will present the “Cheers for Zero” Wine Dinner, a four-course Northern Italian wine dinner to help raise funds for Project Zero’s programs. 100% of the proceeds will go to their efforts to place foster children in permanent homes. The tickets are $100 and can be reserved online. This dinner allows concerned citizens to support Project Zero’s efforts while enjoying a delicious dinner at North Little Rock’s premier Italian restaurant.

“Every year we host a wine dinner for a worthwhile charity and donate 100% of the proceeds (minus cost of the wine) to help their operations. We learned this year one of our cousins adopted 4 beautiful children and Project Zero was instrumental in the transition,” Eric and Brian Isaac, owners of Ristorante Capeo, said.

You can reserve your ticket to this four course fundraiser and check on Project Zero’s other events here.

Check out the menu for “Cheers for Zero” below:

“Cheers for Zero” menu

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