Lisa’s Favorite Things: Dr. John Daniel, Orthodontist


The orthodontist.  Picking the right one for your family is an imposing decision. Sure your friends go to Dr. X. but is that the right one for your family?

Let me introduce you to my family’s orthodontist, Dr. John A. Daniel.  He’s a second-generation orthodontist and knows the best, most affordable way to straighten your child’s teeth.

Or in our case, all of our children’s teeth.  Neither my husband and I wore braces but that was a different generation. Not EVERYONE wore them that I feel like they do now.  Plus, we wanted our children to have straight teeth and since we had a generous insurance policy to help with the cost, it wasn’t a question.

Like so many medical/dentist referrals, word-of-mouth is the best advertising.  We had heard from so many about Dr. Daniel’s gentle and caring demeanor that I called his office in 2004 to make that first appointment with my oldest child.

She needed a retainer first, he decided, and then embarked on braces. She wore them ten months and compliantly wore her post-braces retainer.  She credits her beautiful, straight teeth to Dr. Daniels’ magic. My middle child wasn’t so compliant. He lost so many retainers after he wore braces that we really think  Dr. Daniel instituted the “Buy so many get the _th one free” retainer program. This really doesn’t exist, but it shows the kindness of Dr. Daniel.

You see, as parents, we paid for the first retainer; our son had to buy the others.  So Dr. Daniel had pity on the boy and finally gave him that last one gratis. As an adult, our son had to go back and get fitted for a retainer just two months ago because he didn’t wear that last retainer, and his dentist noticed crowding in the bottom teeth.  Sigh. Insurance picked up the cost on that one so he was lucky. Very, very lucky. And our youngest child, another satisfied Dr. Daniel patient, only had to wear retainers because she was able to straighten her teeth that way. I tell you all of our experiences because Dr. Daniel does not have a “one size fits all” philosophy.  He looks at each mouth to see what works best.

If you’ve been looking for the best orthodontist for your family, check out Dr. Daniel. He has a partner now so I know he has to be Dr. Daniel-approved.  He has offices in Little Rock, Benton and Bryant. This is one word-of-mouth referral you can sink your teeth into.

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