One of the most iconic sights at the University of Arkansas has been reopened following extensive renovations.


Old Main’s plaza, along with the first 50 years of Senior Walk, have been under renovation due to material deterioration. The U of A Facilities Management Department detected an “accelerated level of weakening and crumbling” of the concrete around the walk, according to a university news release. This deterioration posed safety risks, and the names inscribed on the walk were fading, becoming increasingly illegible.


To renovate the first 50-year stretch of Senior Walk, the concrete was replaced with high-grade monumental concreate that was reinforced with steel bar. The names were sandblasted into the concrete, and bronze numbers – matching the ones currently used for the walk – were added.


For Old Main, its bricks were shifted and becoming uneven. The Facilities Management Department used sandstone to replace the brick and added an inscribed granite piece to connect Old Main with the Senior Walk.


“This was an important project that required a thoughtful approach,” Mike Johnson, associate vice chancellor for Facilities Management, said in a statement. “It was essential for us to honor the history of Senior Walk and Old Main while also creating a safe environment. We’re really happy with the result and believe the campus will be too.”

The university is planning an official dedication ceremony at a later date.


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