Obsessions Interiors: Picking the Perfect Christmas Tree


One of the joys of the holiday season is the chance to decorate your home with festive wreaths, Santa wall hangings and much more. With so many different decorations to choose from, where do you start?

The best starting point for decorating, according to Barbara Fryxell, is your Christmas tree. And she would know. As the owner and operator of Obsessions Interiors, Fryxell is an expert at making homes look picture perfect while also being cozy and inviting.

Christmas tree

Before starting your shopping spree, figure out how much space you have for your tree. This will give you a good idea of how large a tree you can get. This leads to the next question: Where to put your Christmas tree?

Fryxell recommends putting your Christmas tree in a well-trafficked area of the house. Great rooms and dens are ideal areas for Christmas trees because of the number of people who flow in and out of these rooms. This will allow you to see the tree, your lights and the gifts underneath the tree while you’re watching TV or enjoying time with family. “Put your tree where you’re going to spend the most time and enjoy it. You don’t want to go to the trouble of putting up the tree in a room where you don’t go,” Fryxell says.

The next step is to figure out a budget for your tree and decorating. Fryxell advises shoppers have a figure in mind before shopping to keep themselves from becoming overwhelmed or overspending.

Christmas tree

Once you figure out how large a tree you want and have a budget in mind, head over to Obsessions Interiors! In the store, you can see the wide variety of trees, ornaments and accessories Obsessions has in stock.

Picking out a color for your tree is the most important step, according to Fryxell. Once you select the color, the team at Obsessions can help you design your Christmas display. “Then we can work from there…and help you design the tree and make it work for you,” she says.

Of course, if you are still intimidated by decorating, you can get a professional to handle your Christmas design and decorating. Fryxell says Obsessions offers design services and can help customers with in-home decorating. “We do have designers who will come out and decorate your house,” she says.

Christmas tree

Obsessions Interiors isn’t limited to Christmas trees, though. The store is a one-stop for all your Christmas needs. Fryxell offers custom Christmas decorations, such as mantle decorations, center pieces and outside pieces. Whatever Christmas decorating needs you have, Obsessions can meet them. “We decorate anything that’s not moving. Anything that stands still,” she jokes.

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