The Christmas holidays are just around the corner, and that means it’s time to start decorating your home for the Yuletide season.
While this may be the happiest time of year, Christmas decorating can become stressful due to the rush and the overload of choices. Fortunately, Obsessions Interiors has your back when it comes to Christmas decorations.
According to Barbara Fryxell, Obessions has virtually anything that you need for Christmas – from stylish trees to ornaments to table pieces. And anything that you don’t see, they can arrange to get it or make it!
Walking into Obsessions Interiors, located at 14300 Cantrell Road in Little Rock, the first thing that strikes you is the multitude of trees in different shades. “We have 14 trees, and we have them in a variety of colors,” Fryxell says.
These trees range in color from blush, navy, lavender and many other shades. However, Fryxell recommends going for the hot color for this Christmas season. “Champagne stands to be the most important color of the year. It goes with everything,” she says.
To complement your main tree, Fryxell also recommends going for white objects. “We find that white is a really strong color for Christmas because it mixes with the other colors.”
Of course, what’s a Christmas tree without ornaments? Obsessions offers numerous varieties of shiny orbs or matte pinecone ornaments. You can even purchase ornaments the size of beach balls!
Obsessions also provides custom-made pieces. These can include table top treatments, including center pieces for tables. Fryxell also offers wreaths and beautiful outdoor wall hangings.
Whatever you need to make your home ready for the holidays, Obsessions Interiors is sure to have it!