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A conversation with Ryan Merritt-McGehee is an educational experience.

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Thai Salad at The Clean Eatry

Thai Salad at The Clean Eatry

He’s a nutritionist and a certified personal trainer, so as you can imagine he eats “clean.” And he wants others to as well, that’s why he founded The Clean Eatery. Located in Stratton’s Market, the walk-up offers some of the tastiest food around. They start with fresh ingredients — locally sourced when possible — and use whole grain,  natural and nearly all gluten-free ingredients to craft their delicious entrees. Each day they offer: fish tacos; Thai Peanut Chicken rice bowls; El Cubano, a healthy version of the Cuban sandwich; and gluten-free, unfried chicken and waffles.

We enjoyed the first two items and found them to be scrumptious and flavorful with crisp vegetables. For the fish tacos, they begin with a gluten-free corn tortilla and fill it with swai fish, a fresh kale mix, cheese and a pineapple salsa topped with a bit of sriracha sauce. The Clean Eatery’s Thai turkey salad — glazed ground turkey served with green onion, shredded carrot and purple cabbage on a bed of fresh spinach with a ginger soy sauce — was also delectable.

Interested in eating this way full time? If so, they offer meal prep services as well. Eating clean never tasted so good.

The Clean Eatery
405 E. Third St.
Little Rock, Arkansas

Hours: 11 a.m., to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

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