Pictured above: Arkansas homeowners are becoming fast fans of MAC Metal products, which provide versatile, low-maintenance siding options.


Homeowners looking to lend a fresh new appearance to their homes are discovering the beauty and ease of MAC Metal products from Acme Brick, Tile & Stone. As a matter of fact, Arkansas homeowners have gravitated to the beautiful, maintenance-free products in such numbers that it is putting the state on the map.


“Our corporate office is in Fort Worth, Texas,” said Chad Bowie, district manager based in Maumelle. “We had the marketing team come up, and they take pictures of homes which had installed the MAC Metal. They said, ‘Man, you guys are successful with this product, and these homes are incredible.’ They were really blown away by what homeowners are doing up here.”


For those not in the know, MAC Metal Architectural is a premium pre-painted metal siding product. Renowned for its design, which includes wood-look and non-wood-look finishes, the highly resistant product brings a sleek, sophisticated look to most any interior or exterior application. The wood options come in six different grain patterns and three different wood tones in each box, ensuring a variegated, natural look. Best of all, Mac Metal retains its beauty year after year without fading, cracking and warping of other cladding products.

“It’s got a 40-year warranty. It’s got a very high wind rating,” Bowie said. “It gives that appearance of a modern home. You can get the wood look if you want that or even some really modern looks with the Polymac and the signature series colors, which are not a wood look.”


Manufactured by Montreal, Canada-based MAC Metal Architectural, the product offers several advantages over the competition. In addition to the aforementioned 40-year transferable warranty, the product offers superior color retention, thanks to a proprietary painting process that gives superior protection against weathering, extreme climatic conditions and scratches. The company’s testing data shows MAC Metal products are twice as resistant to UV rays than the leading competitor and three times more resistant to micro-cracking, especially in sharp-angle shapes.


MAC Metal products also provide superior rust protection to help ensure high performance good looks season after season. Homeowners also like the fact that the product is manufactured from 97 percent recycled content and is itself recyclable, making Mac Metal one of the most environmentally friendly building products on the market today.


Thanks to this combination of features, Arkansas homeowners’ response to the product has been overwhelmingly positive, Bowie said.

“In Arkansas, we are setting the trend, even in places already known as trendsetters, such as Dallas,” he said. “Ever since Arkansas kick-started the demand, the product has really taken on a life of its own in the South.


“We’ve got entire homes of this product. We’ve sold some jobs that were over $100,000 worth of product just for the exterior of million-dollar homes.”


Even with the product’s rollicking momentum, Bowie said the company has not had any supply issues. Delivery timelines are not excessively long. Most standard orders arrive from the company’s distribution facility in Texas within a week, and special orders are delivered in two to three weeks.

“Usually people don’t build a house willy-nilly,” he said. “They plan and are deliberate about what they order, and that gives us time to get the product in on a request date.”


Acme has not only won over homeowners with the MAC Metal products, but its simple installation and straightforward construction is also winning over a growing number of installers.


“We have really gained a lot of momentum with installers. Basically, the product screws in, no special substrate needed,” he said. “The homeowner may experience a little waiting time for the right professional, but again, that all comes out in the planning phases.


“With the first version of the product, we had some minor issues, but in the 2.0 revision of the product, it’s very easy to work with, and it provides a wonderful, finished look.”


The products also offer a high degree of versatility, with many styles offering vertical, horizontal or diagonal configurations.

acme brick

“It’s a product that’s being used for more than just accents,” Bowie said. “It gives the homeowner a range of different profiles and some options, running the stuff vertically or horizontally, whichever way you’d like to run it and trim it out.”


The products are also produced in several architectural styles, including a board-and-batten model that provides a farmhouse look, mini-planks that give a unique and stylish appearance, a model that mimics architectural blocks, and another that gives the look of steel tiles.


The various styles, combined with a range of colors, offer a number of stylish combinations to suit any taste.

MAC Metal provides a variety of wood-look and other siding options.

“There are a number of wood colors. I think there’s seven or eight different wood colors and all kinds of different metallic colors and other signature colors,” Bowie said. “We’ve actually matched up a lot of these colors to different sports venues, high school athletics and things like that.


“Basically, this product can fit about any desire or look you want. You can go with a very conservative, traditional look because of the wood grain, which gives you a more natural feeling, and we can really get into a more modern look too. We’ve even seen a blend of all that, with people doing traditional and modern together.”


Every style of MAC Metal comes with the expertise of Acme’s professionally trained design-staff members, who are happy to walk consumers through their options and help them achieve a professional, finished look that adds value to the home. Bowie said that as with all other Acme Brick, Tile & Stone products, it is the staff’s product knowledge and extra-mile service that sets the company apart.

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MAC Metal can be used to achieve looks ranging from traditional to contemporary and suits a variety of applications.

“We’ve got several different displays here with different profiles of the product showcasing different ideas of how and where to use the product,” he said. “Whether you want just an accent ceiling or wall on up to covering the entire home, we’ve got all that. We’ve even got a linear fireplace in the showroom that’s surrounded by the Harrywood profile and the Polymac, which has also been very popular. You can use this product just about anywhere you’d like.


“Arkansas has really put this product on the map, and we’re definitely grateful for that. We stand behind everything we sell, and it’s a great feeling, knowing we’ve got such a tremendous product with which to make our state more beautiful, one home at a time.”