When it comes to skin health, specifically facial skin health, there is a lot of advice out there. From 10-step skincare routines demoed by a favorite TikTok star to the enchanting world of lasers, fillers, treatments and more, the face is one of the most important areas to nurture.


With health benefits and aesthetics at the focus of overall skincare, many client and patient goals can be addressed non-surgically, often through a series of treatments. These treatments include fillers and lasers and can be used to create more youthful-looking skin or to reduce the appearance of acne or wrinkles.


While growing old is a blessing, many Americans have been searching for ways to make the process a little more graceful without undergoing permanent surgical procedures. While there is much to consider before beginning any treatment, there are a variety of new solutions that have hit the market. Radiofrequency microneedling, muscle stimulation, injectables and phototherapy are all treatments that can produce results for clients and patients without having to elect for surgery.


In terms of skincare and anti-aging science, this seemingly constant cycle of innovation has led to cutting-edge treatments and services, as well as improved methods of providing these services.


According to Suzanne Yee, M.D., owner of Dr. Suzanne Yee Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center in Little Rock, the constant innovation is exciting, and plenty of non-invasive procedures aid in the advancement of anti-aging efforts.

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Dr. Suzanne Yee

“There are new innovations essentially coming out every day in this field, and it’s really fascinating. However, some products and procedures are better than others, and it’s really important to me that my patients are aware of the differences in surgical transformation compared to non-surgical treatments,” Yee said.


While the goal may be to appear younger, prevent wrinkles or simply to obtain better-looking skin, these procedures are not meant to completely redefine a person’s appearance.


“We never want to change the way a patient looks. Our goal is to enhance natural beauty while preventing damage that takes place during the aging process,” said Katherine Kidd-Thomas, nurse injector, founder and CEO of Arkansas Aesthetics in Little Rock and Conway.

Katherine Kidd-Thomas

Due to the speed at which these new innovations are being created, there is constant push in education and research of the products and services being offered to patients. According to Brande Daniels, an aesthetic registered nurse injector at Ageless Aesthetics of Arkansas in Hot Springs, these innovations are not only exciting, but have completely changed the world of aesthetics.


In taking care of skin in general, there is a great benefit to those who are aging or who are worried about aging poorly. Many procedures or products may seem expensive. However, the benefits can be life-changing and significant.


“I like to think of the importance of taking care of your skin as an investment in yourself. It’s the one thing that we’re always going to wear, so it’s important to prevent as much damage as possible,’ said Paige Kelly, nurse injector with Wright Plastic Surgery in Little Rock.


Radiofrequency microneedling


One of the biggest innovations in terms of skin tightening has been radiofrequency microneedling, a procedure that uses medical-grade needles to gently puncture the skin. This process stimulates more collagen production, which creates a reduced appearance of skin concerns such as scarring, fine lines and sagging. The concept of RF microneedling is not completely new, but there have been several new devices launched within the last couple of years.


According to Yee, who uses Scarlet RF in her clinic, this form of microneedling has been a great success because it can be used on all skin types and has less downtime than other procedures. Scarlet RF is also used to tighten skin. Typically, this procedure must be repeated in a series in order for a patient to receive optimum results.


Kelly, who also provides RF microneedling, has seen great success with the Genius RF, which works on all skin shades and helps to tighten the skin and produce collagen and elastin. According to Wright Plastic Surgery, this treatment is different from other RF microneedling treatments because it is the only product that can measure the RF energy so that it can be adjusted during treatment. According to Kelly, this treatment is also typically recommended as a series.


Face muscle stimulation


A cutting-edge technology, Yee sings the praises of triLift, a product that is the first-of-its-kind on the market. As a dynamic muscle stimulation device, this machine works in sequence with two other modalities in order to tone the healthy facial muscles while also reducing facial wrinkles and smoothing and resurfacing the skin.


“As you age, facial muscles start to sag, just like our body,” Yee said. “This device works to stimulate the cheek muscles and jawline muscles that have elongated over time in order to help pull the muscles up and shorten them.”


Likened to a workout for your face, these enhancements also have to be maintained with a series of treatments. According to Yee, what makes this an excellent choice is there is no downtime associated with this treatment.




Intense pulsed light therapy, also referred to as a photofacial, is a procedure that can improve the texture and color of skin. According to Kelly, this treatment works to tighten and heal the skin, making it a great option for after a laser treatment or to improve dark pigmentation.


“Typically, a lot of people want to come in after the summertime to have an IPL treatment because it is one of the quickest ways to resolve any discoloration caused by the sun,” Kelly said.

Brande Daniels

Broadband light therapy, a type of IPL, is a form of photo rejuvenation that delivers infrared light energy into the skin. Known as BBL Hero at Ageless Aesthetics, broadband light is used to improve pigment, redness and overall skin quality on the face or anywhere else on the body. According to Daniels, the treatment is also a great option for those struggling with rosacea, acne or sun-damaged skin.


“Broadband light is like IPL on steroids, and once my clients see the difference, they agree,” she said.


Acne treatments


There are many forms of laser treatments available to improve appearance throughout the entire body, especially when it comes to facial treatments. Experts say this gives clients options when choosing treatments so they can achieve the best possible results.


Yee has recently introduced AviClear in her practice. The first-of-its-kind device has been cleared by the Food and Drug Administration to treat acne at its source. The treatment targets sebaceous glands, the acne-causing glands located just below the skin, ultimately keeping clogged pores open, thus reducing inflammation-causing acne.


According to Yee, patients may see some results in three to six months, with more permanent results at around eight months. She said this is one of the better alternatives to Accutane because it does not bring on the same side effects.


“We have not had this device for a full year yet, but we have seen some really good results with it so far,” Yee said.


In addition to treatments such as the classic Hydrafacial, DiamondGlow has also been an increasingly popular microdermabrasion device. The treatment includes skin exfoliation, dirt extraction and serum infusion.


Also new in facial technology, the Vectra 3D imaging system provides skin analysis to patients seeking the best treatments for themselves. This analysis allows their provider a starting point to use in order to make the best recommendations on treatment. According to Kelly, Vectra analyses can be compared over time, giving patients a tangible look at how their skin is improving.




Injectables, the bread-and-butter of facial rejuvenation, have long been a mainstay for those wanting a non-surgical treatment for a younger-looking face. Across all aesthetic and surgery practices, Botox has remained a leading force across injectable services.


Yee, who completed the very first Botox course taught in the United States in 1997, learned about the treatment directly from the people who discovered its use for decreasing wrinkles and improving overall appearance.


“I think Botox will always be a service that is offered. It has been one of my most favorite procedures because it makes a big difference,” Yee said. “In just a couple of weeks, patients can see their brows are lifted and their forehead is smooth.”


Nationally, there has been an increasing trend in patients in their 20s seeking out Botox in order to aid in preventative aging. Nicknamed “baby Botox,” this practice involves receiving smaller doses of Botox injected into the forehead or crow’s feet in order to reduce the appearance of onsetting wrinkles. The treatment creates a subtle difference for those still in their youth, one that will ultimately allow more graceful aging over time.


As Yee has witnessed firsthand through her work, clients who start at a younger age tend to see the benefits of Botox much faster and look younger in comparison to their peers as they begin to age. Other providers agree with the observation.


According to Kelly, one of the reasons why receiving Botox  at a younger age has been so appealing is because it takes away the game of catch-up as people age. The earlier the progression of wrinkles is prevented, she said, the less likely deep-lined wrinkles will form.


Other benefits to starting Botox earlier in life is not needing as much of it injected and not needing to receive injections as often. According to Daniels, the use of Botox for younger generations creates a natural result while also controlling pore size and oiliness.


For stimulating collagen, Sculptra has become one of the industry’s most popular treatments, as it uses poly lactic acid injections to stimulate overall collagen production. According to Yee, this injectable has been found to be a great use for bio stimulation, and by placing it in a thin layer under the skin, it works to stimulate collagen while also helping with wrinkles.


Kelly explained Sculpta is usually dosed over a series of treatments, with one vial of Sculptra recommended for every decade of a patient’s life.


“This is different from the hyaluronic acid fillers that are used to plump the cheeks or the lips,” Kelly said. “I like to look at this as a little bit like fertilizer for the face, as it helps with the regrowth of collagen.”

Paige Kelly

According to Daniels, Sculptra has emerged as the most popular service Ageless Aesthetics offers.


“Sculptra works by gradually restoring collagen in the skin, which results in a more natural and longer-lasting effect. This helps create a foundation to support natural-looking results in other fillers and neurotoxins, as well,” Daniels said.


Skinvive by Juvéderm is a new facial rejuvenation product that has been at the cutting edge of the cosmetic industry. An injectable, Skinvive is not used to create a filling effect, but to add hydration directly into the skin.


“Skinvive does a great job of improving the overall appearance of the skin,” Yee said, “Acne looks better, everything looks better when the face is hydrated.”


Daniels also has found great success with Skinvive and has introduced the injectable for further skin-healing measures, coupled with other skin treatments.


“We have introduced Skinvive not just for hydration purposes, but also providing exosomes, which aid in healing and can be used after a laser or microneedling treatment,” Daniels said.


According to Daniels, exosomes target the root causes of skin aging, leading to an improved look overall and to tissue homeostasis.


“I think exosomes are going to be one of the biggest innovations,” Yee said, adding that there are plenty of exosomes that are plant-based. She discourages use of human-based exosomes, which currently lack FDA approval.

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Dr. Suzanne Yee, owner of Dr. Suzanne Yee Cosmetic & Laser Surgery Center in Little Rock, said her industry is full of innovations.

“We found that when we apply exosomes after treatments, inflammation decreases considerably, and it helps with healing,” Yee said. “We are using exosomes after some of our more invasive laser procedures, and we’ve seen great success in decreasing inflammation and helping the redness go away.”


As one of the newer and more innovative procedures offered, Yee is excited to offer PRP — platelet-rich plasma — injections as an alternative to hyaluronic acid fillers. Yee said the service involves drawing a patient’s blood, spinning it down to get the platelet-rich plasma, heating it until it turns into a gel, and then injecting it into the patient’s face.


“This is unique because it’s not a foreign substance, and it’s very unlikely that patients will have a reaction or an allergy to it because it is their own plasma,” Yee said. “With this, we can also tailor it to fit our patient’s needs better, depending on if they need a heavier or lighter filler.”




Lasers are used for several purposes when it comes to treating skin issues or reversing aging. Ageless Aesthetics has recently added Moxi at the practice, a gentle, non-ablative, fractionated laser used to correct pigmentation issues while improving appearance of skin tone and texture.


“Moxi is amazing for those who are wanting a no-downtime laser that will still deliver noticeable results in their skin,” Daniels said. “We see that this will be very popular with the younger generation.”


Yee’s practice has implemented the use of the Isolaz laser, and it has quickly become one of the most popular options due to the fact that treatments are painless. Using photopneumatic technology, the laser delivers superior results in treating acne because it includes an attached vacuum used to deep clean and purify pores from the inside out. Due to its painlessness, this treatment works well with younger people who are struggling with acne.


“It does a great job making the skin look brighter and more glowy,” Yee said. “In addition to helping with acne, it works wonders on brown spots, helps with redness and also helps with pore size.”