New Developments in Case of Missing Arkansas Woman


Ebby Jane Steppach has been missing since October 24, 2015, but the Little Rock Police Department held a press conference about new developments in her case Tuesday.

A new cold case squad at the Little Rock Police Department is now investigating Steppach’s disappearance. At the press conference, Little Rock Police Detective Tommy Hudson said he wouldn’t comment on specific leads in the case.

“Not all the leads have been exhausted yet,” Hudson said. “It’s a long, drawn-out case.”

A flier offering a reward for information on Steppach’s location.

Hudson was investigating Steppach’s case, then retired. He is now part of the cold case unit with three other retired detectives.

Steppach’s family is now offering a $50,000 reward for information leading to her location. Several members of her family attended the press conference.

Steppach, who was last seen in Little Rock nearly two years ago, would now be 20 years old. She was 18 when she went missing. Steppach was described as having blond hair and hazel eyes, weighing 110 pounds and standing 5 feet 2 inches tall.

Authorities said they received a new tip in Steppach’s case as recently as last week. Anyone with information can call the Little Rock Police Department Major Crimes Unit at 501-371-4660 or email

Click here to read more about Steppach’s disappearance from AY Magazine.

The Vanished, a podcast about missing persons cases, covered Steppach’s case earlier this year. Listen to the podcast below.

UPDATE: In May 2018, Ebby Steppach’s remains were found at a Little Rock park. 

Information for this article was contributed by Dwain Hebda of AY Magazine. The featured photo of Steppach’s mother was taken by Jamison Mosley.


  1. by Peggy on June 27, 2017  7:57 pm

    Thank you AY for doing Ebby's story. We need to find that precious girl.

  2. by Anonymous on June 27, 2017  8:02 pm

    Praying for this mother and family. Lord whomever took this child please let her be safe - send her home to her family. Someone knows something - checkout every boygriend - boy crush - friends - everyone that was at the party - track and trace her previous calls. Cant they go to the computer geeks to get footage something. Lord bring this child home safe - to give her family comfort.

  3. by Anonymous on June 27, 2017  9:56 pm

    $50,000 somebody give up the info and you walk with the money... that easy!! Do the right thing! Give this family the location of their daughter!!

  4. by Anonymous on July 26, 2017  10:23 pm

    If you know ANYTHING that would bring Ebby Jane home or give her family closure please come forward.

  5. by Anonymous on August 1, 2017  10:13 pm

    I can't imagine the absolute horror this family has lived through. The true grit they have shown is amazing. Prayers be with you.This stinks of law enforcement cover up, for someone(s) on the force or influential persons in LR community. If by chance random, then how many others than two mentioned have disappeared in last 15 years, is it serial? Even then, something is very wrong in local enforcement brotherhood, no matter how the current group is complying I wouldn't trust them, Mom should reach for Cold Justice or Walsh to review. I believe they would get answers and give closure.

  6. by Anonymous on August 2, 2017  1:21 am

    This is awful. Teens think they are so street smart until they find them selves with an actual street person. This little girl had no idea the caliber of people she was hanging out with. Teens are so impulsive and trusting. I have followed this story since she disappeared. Honestly, I'm surprised the reward hasn't got someone talking. I hope she is at peace and her family can get the closure they deserve. I'm going to pray for them right now.

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