Natural State Recovery Centers was founded in 2018 to help people gain freedom from drugs and alcohol, using an approach that is both comprehensive and holistic. It is comprehensive in that Natural State offers services through every step of the recovery journey, from medical detox through long-term sobriety. It is holistic because Natural State is committed to treating the person as a “whole,” with the support and encouragement to heal physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


“Our mission is to provide individuals who are in the early stages of recovery with a structured and loving environment,” said NRSC Community Relations Specialist Kevin Cleveland. “While in residential treatment, you’re able to get away and focus on yourself as a person. You must heal ‘you’ first, before you can fix anything else or help anybody else in your life.”

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Brian Fleckenstine, APRN

Natural State offers an unbroken continuum of care and support for recovery, from the early stages of detoxification all the way through residential and outpatient care. Medical staff provide medication management when needed, and residential clients receive 24-hour care from a talented team of doctors, nurses, therapists, peer specialists, and care technicians.


That is what truly makes Natural State distinctive: The team of knowledgeable and dedicated administrative and clinical staff, many of whom have experienced firsthand the transformative power of recovery. They know what works and what does not when it comes to addiction recovery, allowing for the kind of understanding and connection that can make treatment a life-changing process. Recovery is a way of life for most of Natural State’s team.

Ebony Montgomery, APRN

“I think that it speaks volumes, because they understand, when a person comes in for treatment, where they are in life—they’ve been there themselves,” Cleveland said. “They love the recovery process. A portion of recovery is going on to help somebody else.”


Natural State recently moved its outpatient services to downtown Little Rock, allowing them to reach even more of the community in a centralized location. Those participating in the outpatient program receive treatment for substance-use disorder throughout the week while having the opportunity to build and maintain a healthy, independent lifestyle, from working or attending school to volunteering and pursuing hobbies.


Melanie Higgins, APRN

“We do recover,” and that is the goal for every person that Natural State serves. That does not simply mean being drug- and alcohol-free. Instead, it means having the tools and space to cultivate a rich life where drugs and alcohol are no longer needed.


The first step to receiving the help that you or a loved one needs is to fill out an application on Natural State’s website, which is listed below. From there, an intake specialist will contact you about treatment options. For any other questions about the recovery process and how Natural State can help, please call.

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