To celebrate National Sandwich Day, I thought a massive post highlighting my 50 Favorite Sandwiches would be appropriate. Before we get to the handhelds, let’s go over a few ground rules: 1. Remember, I am only one person and have not eaten every sandwich in Central Arkansas, but this list does reflect almost 10 years of “research.” 2. To make this list, a sandwich must reside within an hour’s radius of Little Rock. 3. I am counting gyros but not wraps. I had to narrow the field down just a bit. Also, burgers aren’t sandwiches, so don’t go there. 4. I numbered the sandwiches below but that’s only for scrolling purposes. These sandwiches are NOT in ranked order.


Club Sandwich, Crazee’s.


1. Club at Crazee’s Cafe
My Thoughts: If you are looking for a classic take on a popular sandwich, it will be hard to beat this one. Toasted white bread comes loaded with ham, turkey, American & Swiss cheese, and crispy bacon. A heavy slather of mayonnaise, along with lettuce and tomato, all help seal the deal on this one at Crazee’s.


2. Banh Mi at Mike’s Cafe


3. Schnitzel Bun at The Pantry


Gyro, Mama’s Gyros Cafe.

4. Gyro at Mama’s Gyros Cafe

My Thoughts: To me, there are two truly great gyros in the Little Rock area. Mama’s serves one of them. The pile of flavorful, crispy-edged meat, the product of a quick finishing grill job, makes this gyro stand out from most of the competition.


5. The Club at Gadwall’s Grill


6. Breakfast Sandwich at Boulevard Bread Company


7. Fried Chicken Sandwich at Littlefield’s Cafe


8. Legit Cheesesteak at Brood & Barley

My Thoughts: Much like the gyro, we only have two Philly cheesesteaks in this area that I would highly recommend. At Brood & Barley, sink your teeth into a monstrosity of a sandwich filled with shaved ribeye, Pilsner onions, cheese sauce, and toasted roll. Like its name, this one is legit.


9. Fried Catfish Sandwich at Andy’s


10. Chicken Parm at Raduno Brick Oven & Barroom

My Thoughts: At one time, this sandwich was only a special. Well, the fine folks at Raduno came to their senses and made the chicken Parm with Panko breaded chicken, house-made marinara, and pesto, mozzarella, all on Boulevard focaccia part of its regular menu. Smart decision.


11. Philly Cheesesteak at Rocky’s on Country Club


Pulled Pork, Rock Bottom BBQ.

12. Pulled Pork at Rock Bottom BBQ


Tandoori Hot Fried Chicken, Ciao Baci.

13. Tandoori Hot Fried Chicken at Ciao Baci


14. Cajun Turkey at Uncle T’s Food Mart

My Thoughts: The simplicity of this sandwich is what makes it such a standout. Paper-thin, fresh-sliced Cajun turkey breast is piled onto a bread of your choice (wheat is my preference). I tend to opt for American cheese to go along with the iceberg lettuce, tomato, and Miracle Whip.


Smoked Bologna, Sim’s Bar B Que.

15. Smoked Bologna at Sim’s Bar B Que


Chicken & Hot Pepper Cheese Po-Boy, The Faded Rose.

16. Chicken & Hot Pepper Cheese Po-Boy at The Faded Rose

My Thoughts: Yes, you may lean towards a seafood po’boy at The Faded Rose, and while that isn’t a mistake, please do not overlook the blacked chicken breast with hot pepper cheese, grilled onions, and green chile mayonnaise. The thick-cut onions make all the difference.


17. Fried Chicken Biscuit at Delta Biscuit Company


Turkey Melt, Burge’s.

18. Turkey Melt at Burge’s


19. Smoked Salmon Bialy at Boulevard Bread Company

My Thoughts: This one is probably my most ordered sandwich in Little Rock. Hey, I love smoked salmon on just about anything, especially on a Boulevard bialy.


20. Fried Catfish with Sweet Stella Sauce at HallBros2Go


21. Grilled Shrimp Po’Boy at Maddie’s Place


Tandoori Meatball Sub, Low Ivy Catering.

22. Tandoori Meatball Sub at Low Ivy Catering


23. Loki Turkey at Valhalla Restaurant & Axe Throwing


Reuben, Blue Heaven.

24. Reuben at Blue Heaven Restaurant & Bar

My Thoughts: This Reuben really blew me away. I enjoyed the toasted marble rye bread, but also appreciated the ample amount of sauerkraut and corned beef. Great sandwiches should never be stingy with the ingredients, so kudos to Blue Heaven for adhering to this sentiment.


25. Club at Buffalo Grill


26. Chicken Sandwich at The Prickly Pickle


Sweet & Sour Chicken, North Bar.

27. Sweet & Sour Chicken at North Bar


28. Grady’s Grinder at Grady’s Pizza & Subs

My Thoughts: Grady’s has nailed it with this one, their signature sandwich with ham, turkey breast, salami, and roast beef on house baked onion roll.


29. Chicken Milanesa Torta at La Poblanita


30. Albuquerque Turkey at Cheers in the Heights


31. Duke of Windsor at Trio’s


Dave’s Special, Dave’s Place.

32. Dave’s Special at Dave’s Place


33. Sharon at Terri-Lynn’s

My Thoughts: Honestly, I could have included any number of Terri-Lynn’s sandwiches on this list, but I decided on Sharon, which I am guessing is their most popular sandwich. It includes turkey, melted pepper Jack, on toast onion roll with mayo, horseradish, and mustard. It’s not huge, but always hits the spot for lunch.


34. Biscuit Sandwich at Andy’s


35. The Cristo at Press Waffle Co.


Smoked Bologna, White Water Tavern.

36. Smoked Bologna at White Water Tavern


37. The Garden at Jimmy’s Serious Sandwiches

My Thoughts: I still think this award-winning sandwich needs a punch of salt and/or hot sauce, but there’s no denying its creativity and execution with ingredients that include pumpernickel, three cheeses, mushrooms, sunflower seeds, sprouts, and spinach salad spread.


38. Fried Chicken Sandwich at Diamond Bear Brewing Co.


The Cuban, Pea Farm Bistro.

39. The Club at Pea Farm Bistro


40. Cuban at Pea Farm Bistro

My Thoughts: Pea Farm Bistro is one of the very few restaurants (also see Boulevard) that land two sandwiches on this list. I love the Club, but the Cuban is every bit as impressive, and it’s probably the closest thing to the real deal that you’ll find in the area. Ham, roasted pork, Swiss, pickles, and mustard all make an appearance on this pressed sandwich.


41. Tofu Banh Mi at Flyway Brewing


42. Keo Klassic at Charlotte’s Eats & Sweets Shoppe


43. Brick-Pressed Prosciutto at Hillcrest Artisan Meats


44. Gyro at Ali Baba


Turkey Melt, Milford Track.

45. Turkey Melt at Milford Track


46. Chicken Salad at Melinda’s Coffee Corner & Cafe


47. Grilled Chicken Sandwich at David’s Burgers

My Thoughts: Yes, I know the beef burger is wildly popular, but do not sleep on David’s grilled chicken sandwich. The protein is given a slight grind and comes seasoned just right. If you are looking to save a few calories at David’s, this is an excellent option.


48. Biscuit Sandwich at The Root Cafe


Skylar Club, The Hive Cafe and Candy Shoppe.

49. Skylar Club at The Hive Cafe and Candy Shoppe


50. Reuben at The Grumpy Rabbit

My Thoughts: Attention is in the details, like when The Grumpy Rabbit decides to make its own sauerkraut to pair with rye bread, corned beef, Swiss cheese, and Thousand Island Dressing. Just make sure to also get an order of the smashed tots.



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