My #1 Tool for Goal Setting


It’s that time of year again. Everywhere I look on social media, people are talking about their goals. I am one of those people, too. My current mission is trying to find the perfect planner to make a list of the goals and dreams for the whole year that I long to accomplish — which includes keeping track of my busy family.

As the starting date was nearing, I found myself not being full of the excitement that I was expecting. In fact, I was feeling some underlying anxiety.

That’s when I discovered my new #1 tool for goal setting.

I decided to stop what I was doing and listen to what these anxious feelings were trying to tell me. I took a deep breath and put my hand on my heart and asked what these feelings were trying to communicate. I continued to breathe deeply and steadily. As I did, I realized that I was already putting pressure on myself to make my goals before I was even out of the starting gate. I realized that I was not being very “kind to me” by putting so much pressure on myself. I had unconsciously slipped into being my own worst critic. The whole reason I was excited about setting new goals in the first place was to lessen my anxious feelings.

It was time to change my approach. I took a deep breath, put my hand on my heart and asked what would be the most important change that could help me with my goals this year. Then I listened, and I felt my answer in my heart. My new #1 tool for goal setting? To love myself unconditionally, no matter what happens each day.

As I let this answer sink into my soul, I could feel my anxious feelings gently lift from my mind, and I felt a new sense of peace in my body.

In what ways are you planning to love yourself each day no matter what happens? Tell us in the comments below!

© 2016 Tracy J Nicholas

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