What better way to enjoy the final days of summer than with a cup of homemade ice cream?
Rolls of homemade ice cream, that is.
Alex Cottrell of Roll It Frozen Cream says he started the unique business about five months ago and brought Kyle Mullins onboard as a partner soon after launching.
“We take our all-natural homemade ice cream base, and freeze it hibachi style on our cold pan right in front of you. It literally goes from liquid to solid right before your very eyes,” he explains.
How cool is that?
With over 20 base flavors to choose from, you’re sure to find and create the perfect combination. “We have favorites like Oreo, strawberry, blackberry and Reese’s, as well as fun flavors like Fruity Pebbles, caramel crunch munch, brownie and caramel mocha frap,” Cottrell says. The fruit is also always bought fresh before every event.
Cottrell and Mullins keep themselves busy with mobile events and catering, including parties, weddings, schools and festivals. You may have even seen them set up shop at one of your favorite businesses. They both study entrepreneurship at UCA, so most of the events they’ve participated in so far have been located in the Conway and central Arkansas areas.
“We want to expand all over Arkansas, and potentially partner with establishments to get our Roll It machines in a few stores and restaurants,” he says.
With plans to continue to spread all over the region, you could say they’re on a roll.
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Photo Credit: Roll It Frozen Cream Facebook page