I never would have imagined anything fabulous coming my way during this insane time in all of our lives, but I was shocked and elated when that all changed for me on a Friday. I threw down twenty bucks to watch Barb and Star Go to Vista Del Mar on Apple TV, and my life is forever changed. 


From the creators of Bridesmaids, it is a story of two best friends from Nebraska embarking on the adventure of their lives to Florida. Kristen Wiig and Annie Mumolo wrote and starred in this story about wonderful friendship, taking chances, learning about yourself, finding love, and of course escaping a villain who wants to destroy a significant number of people (also played by Wigg herself).


No spoilers but I haven’t smiled so much in well, about a year now. The silliness and absurdity that is in this movie is just what I had been longing for. Yes, I am a goofball and cherish slapstick comedy but this will reach out to anyone who likes to laugh. I had it for 48 hours, and I have watched it five times. It’s definitely one of those movies that is funnier and funnier time again.

Did I mention the dude from The Fall and Fifty Shades is in it AND sings? He’s darling, and I’m not scared of him anymore. I can’t wait to be with my people again and watch it together. 


So do yourself a service and give it a watch if you can. And if you don’t like it either, you need to watch it a couple more times, or we probably can’t be friends because I don’t get you. Barb and Star helped me. I think I can even stop taking Zoloft now.