Morgan Nick was six years old when she was last seen on the evening of June 9, 1995 at the Alma Little League Ball Field. 


Nearly 25 years after Morgan’s disappearance, her case remains unsolved. The Alma Police Department receives weekly sometimes daily tips of possible sightings or about potential suspects.


The Morgan Nick Foundation was founded by Morgan’s mother, Colleen Nick, in 1996 to provide a support network to parents and families of all missing children. 


On Thursday, April 9, the foundation announced that it is asking for photos and videos taken around the time of Morgan’s disappearance in effort to find more information. Submissions can be sent here.


According to a recent report by KNWA, a five-part documentary series on Morgan’s disappearance is currently being filmed by Five Star Productions.  


Devon Parks, Arkansas native and Emmy award-winning filmmaker, is directing the documentary series and has the support of the Morgan Nick Foundation.


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