Miss Teen USA UmaSofia Srivastava announced her resignation on Wednesday, May 8, just two days after Miss USA Noelia Voigt resigned and soon after the resignation of the organization’s social media director. 


In an Instagram post, Srivastava stated that her “personal values no longer fully align with the direction of the organization.”


“After months of grappling with this decision, I have made the choice to resign from the title of Miss Teen USA 2023,” she wrote. “I am grateful for all the support from my family, my state directors, my sister queens, and the fans who have cheered me on since I won my state title.”


She opened the post with the Friedrich Nietzsche quote: “There are no beautiful surfaces without a terrible depth.”


Voigt announced her resignation on Instagram Monday.



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“In life, I strongly value the importance of making decisions that feel best for you and your mental health,” she wrote. “As individuals, we grow through experiencing different things in life that lead us to learning more about ourselves. My journey as Miss USA has been incredibly meaningful, representing Utah with pride, and later, the USA at Miss Universe. Sadly, I have made the very tough decision to resign from the title of Miss USA 2023.”


She also posted a follow-up comment that re-emphasized the health aspects of her decision.


“I realize this may come as a large shock to many,” she wrote. “Never compromise your physical and mental well-being. Our health is our wealth.”


Some commenters noted that the first letters of the first 11 sentences of her resignation post spelled out, “I am silenced,” a possible reference to a nondisclosure agreement signed with the organization. 


In response to her post, state titleholders on Wednesday posted to Instagram that the majority of the Miss USA class of 2023 support Voigt’s decision.


The titleholders demanded that Miss USA release Noelia from “the confidentiality NDA clause of her contract, in perpetuity, so that she is free to speak on her experiences and time as Miss USA,” and asked that the organization respond within 24 hours.


“Our goal is to give Noelia her voice back,” the post states. “We are asking for full transparency for contestants in the class of 2024 and beyond.”


Former social media director Claudia Michelle resigned May 3, posting on Instagram that the organization had mistreated her and the two pageant winners.



“I have had the privilege of getting to work with Noelia closely and have unfortunately seen a decline in her mental health since we first met. I feel like her ability to share her story and her platform have been diminished,” she wrote. “I have seen firsthand the disrespect towards Uma and her family. In my opinion, not enough time and attention was given to our national teen titleholder.”


She added that the two have not been able to share their personal advocacies on social media because of social media rules and guidelines that she has not been made aware of. 


“I feel the way current management speaks about their titleholders is unprofessional and inappropriate,” she wrote. “I disavow workplace toxicity and bullying of any kind.”


The statement also addressed her grievances with her own position, stating that she was not provided with an in-house team, worked for two months without financial compensation and was not given full control over the organization’s social media presence. She added that she was “shocked and disappointed” by the ousting of former assistant national directors. 


“This is a women’s empowerment organization and my hope in making this statement is to restore some of the empowerment back to these titleholders that was so deeply lost in their year,” she wrote. “Having not signed any contracts or NDA’s, I feel as if I am in the position to speak on what I have witnessed.”


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