For the last 10 years, Erica York has played all the many roles of homebuilding, placing her magic touch on this Benton beauty inspired by Beverly Hills

By Julie Craig // Photos by Chris White, 3wire Photography


Erica York of EY Custom Homes is no stranger to the homebuilding industry and certainly one woman to watch. For the past 10 years, she’s worked in construction on both residential and commercial as well as renovation projects. From construction materials sales to managing the business operations behind the scenes from the office and creating and managing budgets, she’s done it all. 


“As a female in a male-dominated industry, I want to show that women are just as capable of succeeding in construction as men,” York says. “No matter what role they play in the construction process.” 


It’s not uncommon for York to handle all the details by hiring subcontractors and completing project management from start to finish while consistently making sure deadlines are met. What’s more, she also loves designing projects and working with clients to bring their design vision to life. 


The open floor plan and wide range of natural lighting creates an inviting atmosphere throughout the home.


This captivating new home located in Westlake Village in Benton immediately comes to life upon first glance. A 3,460-square-foot, two-story-masterpiece, it mirrors a work of art. And it truly is. If the road were a runway, this home certainly would demonstrate the perfect collection. 


“One of my favorite places to visit is Beverly Hills, California,” York says. “You see so many different home designs, but my personal favorites are always the contemporary and modern homes. I haven’t seen many of those being built here in Arkansas and thought, ‘Why not?’” 


Inspired by her love of the 90210 zip code, it was apparent to York she should get busy back home and put her enthusiasm for modern, unique design to work.


“When I drove past Westlake Village with my daughter, I thought this is the perfect neighborhood to build a ‘Beverly Hills’ style, modern home,” she says. 


The ultimate goal for this particular project, York says, was to design and build a home that represented and showed off her personal design style and skills as a new home builder. 


“This home was my first build from the ground up,” she says. “Prior to building this home, most of my experience was in construction finish out/remodel, construction material sales and real estate.”



Talk about curb appeal. The exterior design is a flat thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) commercial-style roof trimmed with steel drip edge flashing, crisp white stucco, Vesta steel plank siding and black Andersen 100 Series windows and sliding doors. These features give that immediate flair and what fashion might dub as both sleek and chic. Even the front door was custom made for the home by Rustica Hardware. 


Peek inside and the interior has a minimalist color palette of bright white walls, doors and ceilings, along with concrete and wood floors, matte black hardware, stair railing and window trim. 


“Even though the home is minimal, I wanted it to be very warm and inviting,” she says. “I wanted there to be lots of natural light, which is why I put large windows and sliding glass doors throughout the house.”


Without a doubt, the most eye-catching feature of all is the mesmerizing, floating staircase, designed to be the main feature. 


A palette of neutral tones carries from the living area to the bathroom.


“It’s the first thing you see when you walk in the front door, and I wanted it to be eye-catching,” York says. The stairs are supported by two steel beams attached to steel beams hidden in the walls, which give them a cool, floating appearance. The stairs themselves are pine wood treads with a clear matte stain. One side of the railing is horizontal, and the other is vertical which gives it a fun criss-cross effect. 


But perhaps York’s own personal favorite room in this multi-functional home — whether it’s a growing family making memories or a single person entertaining guests — is the kitchen. 


“I designed the floor plan to have the kitchen, living and dining all open,” she says. “I put sliding glass doors in the kitchen and dining room so it could all be open to the patio for entertaining. The ceilings are almost 13 feet in height, which makes the area seem even more open.” 


The main focus of the kitchen is definitely the extra large island with its unique design, perfect for entertaining and adjacent to the gas linear fireplace in the living room. To continue the clean appearance, the cabinets are custom beech with matte black tabs instead of pulls, while the countertops are Calacatta Diamond marble to add to the clean lines of the room. 


Minimalism is key with flooring as well. The downstairs floors are clear polished concrete floors. 


“I didn’t want much of a stain color added to them because I wanted everything to be very natural,” York says. “Just like I wanted the cabinets and stair treads to be stained with a clear matte stain, the upstairs floors are a natural pristine hickory.” 


Just because minimalism is a common theme doesn’t mean luxury isn’t incorporated. The master and upstairs bathrooms both have freestanding soaker bathtubs and separate walk-in showers with floating cabinet vanities and overmount sinks. Modern premier Kuzco light fixtures illuminate each room of the house, and the bathrooms/laundry room have honed black soapstone countertops for a nice contrast. 


The stunning view from the second-story balcony.


“This home was my first build from the ground up and will always be special to me for that reason,” York says. “It’s also very special because I had complete design freedom and was able to build my dream home for someone else. I hope whoever buys this home loves it as much as I do and enjoys making memories in it.”  


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