Midweek Nosh: Kale & Quinoa Dip at P.F. Chang’s


I’m a huge fan of supporting local restaurants; however, there are instances in which I enjoy a good meal served at a chain restaurant … for instance, on a Sunday after church when you were headed to brunch, but you were held up running an errand for a family member, so you miss brunch all together, and PF Chang’s is the closest place and — Bonus! — there’s no wait.

I admit it: I am on the food-of-the-moment craze that includes kale and quinoa, and lately, I’ve enjoyed them together, hot.

A few Sundays ago, I enjoyed these superfoods served cold in the form of P.F. Chang’s Kale & Quinoa dip. It consists of the two aforementioned items and “non-fat yogurt blended with shallots, garlic, cilantro and lemon juice, and served with sesame seasoned wonton crisps.”

Hmmm, the two husbands (the hubster Daron and my son Jordon) were skeptical, but their iron stomachs tolerate just about everything, so they were game. Plus if they hated it, they’d just wash it down with a beer.

The dip is a new addition to the chain’s appetizer menu; you should try it. It was cool, refreshing and tasty. You’ll need to run an extra mile or so to consume the calories the wonton crisps add, but it was worth it.

Photo from pfchangs.com.

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