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The BridgeWay has been serving the mental health needs of Arkansans for 38 years. Our secret to longevity is our outstanding team of professionals — physicians, nurses, clinical staff, and support staff — whose commitment is to provide high-quality, safe patient care and the most compassionate service possible. As a fundamental component of our mission, we are continuously improving, guided by the needs of those we serve. The pandemic has certainly created the opportunity to evolve, grow and enrich our programs.  


We continue to provide inpatient acute psychiatric services for children, adolescents and adults throughout life. These acute care programs address the adult’s entire well-being, including medical, psychiatric and social needs. We also continue to offer medical detoxification that focuses on addiction treatment in a structured, medical setting that can help patients with life-threatening symptoms like drug detox and alcohol withdrawal. In addition, we provide Electroconvulsive Therapy (ECT) at both the inpatient and outpatient levels. This service is beneficial among people suffering from depression or acute mania, those who cannot take antidepressants due to health problems or lack of response, and some suicidal patients who cannot wait for antidepressants to take effect. 


Our continuum of care includes services for adults who can benefit from more intensive programs than traditional outpatient treatment but whose symptoms are not severe enough to require hospitalization. 


Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) is for adults, age 18 and older, experiencing psychiatric or substance use disorders. This program provides comprehensive services for six hours per day. The Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is an ideal level of treatment for those who would benefit from structured care with limited treatment hours, three hours of care daily, as they prepare to transition to traditional outpatient services.


We have a saying at The BridgeWay, “At the heart of what we do, empathy matters.” That means that we not only focus on what we do but also on how we do it. We recognize that every person who walks through our doors is experiencing a vulnerable time in their life, and we welcome the privilege to participate in caring for them. If you, or someone you care for, needs behavioral health services, our team of professionals is dedicated to confidentially providing prompt access to care. We appreciate the trust you place in us and want to be your provider for years to come.



• Medical and psychological evaluation

• Direction of a board-certified psychiatrist

• Individualized treatment plan

• 24-hour nursing care

• Medication management and education (as needed)

• Structured daily clinical program

• Group and family therapy

• Scheduled visitation

• Recreational therapy

• Coping and life skill training

• Discharge planning




The BridgeWay offers a continuum of services designed to help children, adolescents and adults who are experiencing those behavioral, emotional or addictive problems that can lead to fractured lives. Our team of mental health professionals includes board-certified child/adolescent and adult psychiatrists, master’s-level clinical therapists, and nurses and mental health associates who are here to help people reconnect with their families, friends and employers so that they may lead productive lives.

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