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We were nearly sick by the time we pulled into Yellville. Route 14 which snakes along the ridges between Mountain View and Yellville should be on any serious list of the best motorcycle roads in the world. It’s an epic coiled spring of a road that, if done in a car, can make the best of us queasy. Give me a café racer and a leather jacket and it’d be a different story.

“I made you a little something to eat,” Misty Duffy announced as we walked into her gorgeous restored home, nestled in along Mill Creek, just outside of town. On her dining room table was quite literally the most beautiful lunch spread we’d experienced in months. Are you kidding me? “Peach iced tea or water?” she asks. We love this woman. She knows how to do things right. Gotta be her small town roots shining through.


After growing up in Knoxville, AR, alongside Lake Dardanelle, Misty headed for New York City where she ended up working as a marketing exec at Del Laboratories, which owns a few beauty brands. Later, she transferred back to Bentonville, AR and joined Elizabeth Arden in their marketing department. While she was working in Bentonville, she met her now husband when mutual friends set them up on a date. He was living in Yellville and she often visited for the weekend. Then about 3 years ago she made the move permanent.

“It’s very unique, it’s like a little corner of the world over here. For example, when I was pregnant, one day I was pumping gas at Allen’s Grocery and a local guy approached and told me ‘you shouldn’t be pumping your own gas’ and he went ahead and did it for me. Where else are you going to find that?” she laughs.

Jason, her husband, seems rooted in Yellville. He’s one of a handful of lawyers in the area and also doubles as the district judge. When Misty was ready to jump from the corporate world, Jason’s the one who convinced her to follow her dreams of creating her own skin care line. (Thanks Jason – we owe you one.) “I’ve been making organic products since I was pregnant with our daughter. I didn’t realize how dangerous some of the products were that I was putting on my body before I started making my own organic skin care line. I wanted something that was pure and simple” Misty explains.


And pure and simple it is. The creek near Misty’s home is fed by the largest non-tourist-attraction natural spring that I’ve ever seen with my own two eyes. A lot of folks up in the mountains collect it as their drinking water. It’s hidden off the main road, down a dirt path, and I’ll never tell a soul where it is. Frankly – I wonder if I could even find it again with out Misty’s help. To make her products, Misty wades into Mill Creek and fills her jug with this minerally fresh spring water. We drank from it and I can tell you it’s wonderfully pure.

“When I had my daughter Olivia, I was inspired to live better, eat better, be more careful with what I put on my skin” Misty tells us. “One day I was down by the creek and my dad was teasing her and calling her a creek baby. Then I realized that all of us here in Arkansas sort of grew up like that – around water. We’re all creek babies.” Hence the name.

Water plays a big part in CreekBaby. Misty gives 10% of her net profits to support “When I left the corporate world, I decided I wanted to do something bigger. I looked for an organization to support and fell in love with what is doing.”

Well, we love what you’re doing. Ya little creek baby.

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  1. by Anonymous on September 5, 2015  7:23 pm

    The spring also used to be the source of Yellville city water...

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