In our Lunching in Little Rock blog series, Michael Kirkpatrick will explore and review the best restaurants in Little Rock and its surrounding area – all in time to get back to the office. This week, Michael ate lunch at Terri Lynn’s BBQ & Delicatessen

Summer time in the south means Vacation Bible School. Every church in town has their week, and this past week was my church, Immanuel Baptist’s turn.

My boys were excited to join over 1,000 other children for a morning of fun, Bible stories, snacks and games. This is Walden’s last year as a VBS student and Willem has been volunteering as a helper for a couple of years. Leigh and I took a couple lunch breaks last week to pick them up and take them to lunch. When in that area for lunch, I rarely miss an opportunity to visit my favorite childhood restaurant, Terri Lynn’s BBQ and Delicatessen.

My Grandmother, Peggy Sutton, loved VBS and Terri Lynn’s. I can remember her taking me there when I was young. It’s cool to share that same tradition with my kids. I ordered the same thing I got way back then and what I order every visit, The Garbage Dog.

As a child, it sounded crazy and it still does as an adult. I couldn’t believe that my, always a lady, grandmother was suggesting it, but she knew what I liked. A giant hot dog sliced and fried long ways, served on a deli roll with jalapeños, Tabasco sauce, Swiss, slaw, chili and relish.

The young and brave can eat this chaotic concoction with their hands, but when you have to go back to work with a clean shirt you use a knife and fork. Throw in a big bag of chips and a sugary drink in a cold bottle and you’ve got a meal for any age. Which is why I don’t understand why my boys don’t like the wonderful mess. The boys like the more refined French dip subs. The fresh toasty buns looked great piled high with roast beef and tons of melted cheese.
I am thankful for my grandmother, her legacy, and for passing on good taste to me. Traditions are important and I am thankful for Terri Lynn’s BBQ and their over 50 years of service to Little Rock.

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