In our Lunching in Little Rock blog series, Michael Kirkpatrick will explore and review the best restaurants in Little Rock and its surrounding area – all in time to get back to the office. This week, Michael ate lunch at District Fare.
There are a couple of things about a low-carb diet that make it enjoyable: meats and cheeses. If there is a point where this loophole of dieting can be taken advantage of, I have passed it long ago. If I can’t have bread and pasta, I am going to load up on salty dried meats and exotic cultured cheeses. One of my new favorite places to do this is District Fare on Kavanaugh. Part restaurant, part specialty grocery store, it is the type of place you want to spend the afternoon learning about their offerings and trying their delights.
Opened last year as a sister restaurant of The Pantry restaurants, District Fare has settled right in to its place. On this beautiful spring day, my wife and I enter from the rear entrance facing Kroger. Both the front and rear doors were propped open and a refreshing spring wind blew through the restaurant, bringing the smell of roast chicken and the day’s special, homemade lasagna. I knew at this point that my diet was in danger. I regained my strength and was committed to ordering a charcuterie board, until my sweet (but enabling) wife ordered a sandwich. She got the Bresaola Truffle. The Bresaola is a rare dried beef and comes with an amazing soft, creamy goat cheese, a generous amount of truffle oil and toasted bread. Between this and the guy behind the counter hard selling the A.B.L.T., I caved. The pecan-smoked bacon and avocado on the A.B.L.T. is what put me over the edge and it was worth it! At this point, all was lost so we also split a bag of their amazing chips, plus an appetizer meat cone. The meat cone is a special hand-picked selection of dried meats topped with green olives. It was perfect.
Spring is just about to spring and you can spend a lovely lunch hour strolling along Kavanaugh and ducking into shops. Make sure you start at District Fare and let them help (or hurt) your carb-free diet.