Lunching in Little Rock with Heather Smith of Domestic Domestic


In our Lunching in Little Rock blog series, Michael Kirkpatrick will explore and review the city’s best restaurants – all in time to get back to the office. This week, Michael ate lunch at Scallions with Heather Smith of Domestic Domestic.

December is here and with it comes holiday cheer, parties, catching up with family and friends, and special dining opportunities. You’re spending every spare lunch break shopping, trying to find the perfect gift for that special person. I have two solutions for you in one article: take some time for a relaxing lunch at Scallions and try Domestic Domestic for unique gifts.

Domestic Domestic was started by my special guest, Heather Smith, and has become a destination shop for locals. Originally meant to be a housewares store that uses only American-made goods (hence the name Domestic Domestic) the store has morphed into a collection of products made in the USA that you can wear, read, work, play or decorate with. I want everything in the store. Heather curates it all.

“We sell what inspires,” she says. “We sell what intrigues. And, most importantly, we sell what we believe in.”

Much like her shop, Heather chose a restaurant with a unique style: Scallions. Known in Little Rock as a “ladies lunching” place, I felt a little out of place when we first arrived, but the staff and regulars quickly made me feel at ease. The restaurant sits below street level and I sat at a table looking out into the serene garden patio. From down here, it feels like you could be anywhere else and one of the busiest streets in Little Rock is just feet away.

The menu is small and has combos and offerings you may miss if you don’t read closely. I am happy I have Heather, who frequents here, to guide me. She orders the French Twist sandwich, Scallions Chicken Salad on a croissant and a bowl of the cheese soup. I follow suit and order the Very Special Club and a bowl of seafood bisque. As a man with an appetite, I have to say the portions were filling. I was quite satisfied. The attention to detail on the fluffy croissant and the marbled bread on both sandwiches was nice, but the soup stole the show. The cheese soup was rich and creamy and the seafood bisque was loaded with flavor. The first spoonful made me close my eyes in complete satisfaction.

This holiday season as you hustle and bustle, scanning the Internet for the best deals, trying to get everything on everyone’s list, take just one lunch break to have a relaxing meal at Scallions and then stroll down the street to Domestic Domestic and see Heather Smith. I promise you will find more than a restaurant and a store. These places are curating experiences, memories and treasures that will last.

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