Lunching in Little Rock: Fatboys Killer BBQ


In our new blog series, Lunching in Little Rock, Michael Kirkpatrick will explore and review the city’s best restaurants – all in time to get back to the office. This week, Michael ate lunch at Fatboys Killer BBQ at 14611 Arch Street. Click here to read more in this series.

You may be asking yourself, “Two barbecue joints in a row? Does this guy eat anything besides smoked meats and cole slaw?” The answer is yes, but when given the opportunity I take the barbecue and the slaw right on top, as it should be.

I have good friends who live in Bryant and Sheridan. They’re the type of friends you might not see for a while, but when you do you immediately revert to adolescence. Of course the jokes are still immature, but the really funny thing is that we still eat like we’re in our early 20s. Portion control, calorie counting and most table manners go out the window when we’re together. Fatboys Killer BBQ on Arch Street is a great place to revel in old times, catch up on what’s new, and eat and laugh until it hurts.

This was my first time at Fatboys, but my friend from Sheridan, Jeremy Orman, put in a strong recommendation. Looking at the map when leaving the office I thought I was headed halfway to Pine Bluff, but the short drive was scenic and relaxing.  The parking lot was full of police cars and several police officers and military servicemen sat inside the restaurant. The waitresses knew everyone by name, but called me honey as they asked me what I wanted to drink. The place is decorated with posters from charities and motorcycle events that owner/operators Mike and Teresa Brewer are passionate about. Fatboys doesn’t just have a local feel; it makes you feel like a local while you’re there.

Taking the lead on ordering, Jeremy had the chopped beef brisket sandwich with slaw on top, chips and a drink. It sounded great and I wanted to follow what the seasoned Fatboys eater ordered, but the sassy and informative waitress encouraged me to get the pork. Plus, ordering the jumbo size sandwich made me feel like more of a man than Jeremy, who ordered the regular size. Josh Farmer went with the barbecue beef brisket nachos. The beef brisket was smoked fresh and I remember thinking “That’s really the only way to eat nachos.” No meals disappointed. The regular size sandwich was a mound of meat, the jumbo was falling off the plate, and the nachos should have come in a bucket. Each not wanting to be outdone by the others, we ate until our plates were clean. The waitress kept our drinks full, all the while selling us on their homemade fried pies. Again, not wanting to be shown up, we ordered the chocolate and apple. Of course, they came topped with ice cream.

This week, reach out to that old friend you haven’t seen in a while and head down to Fatboys Killer BBQ for lunch. The drive back to the office will be spent wondering why you ate so much and why you don’t call those friends more often.

A beef sandwich from Fatboys Killer BBQ.

Photography courtesy Fatboys Killer BBQ

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  1. by Kim on July 17, 2017  2:20 pm

    This is one of my favorites! Try the ribs! You'll thank me.

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