In our Lunching in Little Rock blog series, Michael Kirkpatrick will explore and review the city’s best restaurants – all in time to get back to the office. This week, Michael ate lunch at Doe’s Eat Place. Click here to read more in this series. Photos by Jamison Mosley.

Out of town clients are a great opportunity to show off everything our great little city has to offer. I am always so happy to hear everyone talk about Little Rock’s beauty, class, rolling hills and great weather. Taking someone from out of town to eat is my favorite. If you’re looking for a casual, comfortable, down-home Little Rock icon, Doe’s Eat Place has it all.

Since 1988, Doe’s has been on the corner of Ringo and West Markham downtown. The restaurant has made a name for itself by serving huge catfish plates, melt-in-your-mouth tamales, and, of course, giant juicy steaks. For a while, Doe’s only offered the steaks at night, but they were recently added to the lunch menu. Be warned, the steaks are cut and served to share. So, bring a friend and an appetite. The cheeseburgers are beautiful and need two hands to eat. Also, the spaghetti is really popular and delicious. The walls are covered with famous patrons and the dining room is filled with familiar faces. Our visitors loved seeing and meeting everyone in this relaxed family-style environment.

We opted for a table in the back room for a little more space and privacy. As our drink order was being taken, we went ahead and ordered up some tamales for the table. The Texas out of towners were surprised and thrilled with the authenticity and flavor from the famous tamales. I had the hamburger steak with grilled onions and steak cut fries. The steak was fork tender and juicy.

We live in a great city that’s really fun to show off. Find a new friend or take an old one down to an old favorite eatery. Doe’s Eat Place can fill your belly and fill your soul – they don’t call it soul food for nothing.