Influenced by groundbreaking artists such as Banksy, Jackson Pollock and Picasso, Kristen Frati of Hot Springs has developed an edgy painting style punctuated by bold colors and abstract forms. 


With guitars, drum sets and microphones as her primary subjects, perhaps it is no surprise that when it comes time to paint, she turns on some music and lets her creativity flow.


The feedback I receive about my art has been overwhelmingly positive and deeply gratifying,” she said. “I’ve been incredibly fortunate to receive praise from a diverse range of individuals, including musicians who resonate with the music-themed essence of my work. It’s a constant reminder of the impact my art has on others.”


Frati said she was fascinated with art as a child but gained a deeper interest as an adult while attending gallery walks and exploring art districts in Hot Springs. In 2020, she said, she doubled down on her commitment to pushing her creative boundaries by immersing herself in the world of art.




“It was my way of turning challenges into opportunities for self-expression and growth,” she said. “It’s been a journey of rediscovery and resilience ever since.”


She said her primary medium is acrylic paint, and she occasionally adds an unexpected twist to paintings by including glow-in-the-dark elements. 


“It adds an exciting dimension to the artwork, offering viewers a unique experience both in daylight and under special lighting conditions,” she said. “Experimenting with different mediums and materials is always part of the artistic journey, but acrylics coupled with a touch of luminescence truly resonate with my creative vision.”




A mother who works full-time at a dental office, Frati juggles her art with many other responsibilities.


“Time is always my biggest challenge,” she said. “Setting boundaries has also been crucial in managing my time effectively. Establishing clear boundaries helps me protect my time for my passions and priorities, whether it’s carving out dedicated time for art or setting specific working hours to balance work and family responsibilities.”


Running an art business requires a combination of creativity, entrepreneurship and business skill, she said, adding that by continuously learning, adapting and refining their approaches, individuals can build successful and sustainable artistic careers. 


“For me, it’s about authenticity, staying true to my unique artistic vision and style,” she added. “Success in the art world often requires perseverance and resilience. Keep creating, refining your skills and seeking opportunities, even in the face of challenges or setbacks. By cultivating these qualities and staying dedicated to your craft, you can increase your chances of success as an artist.”




In addition to showcasing her work on social media, Frati participates in art and music conventions and events where she can market her work directly to her target audience. She said she is proud to have garnered interest from established bands and musicians, and she enjoys watching people engage in her work, share their enthusiasm and forge connections. 


The support she has received from the local community has been incredible, she said, and she advised other artists to find a group of people who feel like family.


“Stay focused, passionate, determined and surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams,” she added. “Ignore the noise around you. Ignore the self-doubt and believe in yourself.”




Fans can find Frati’s work at Jagr Jane Design in Little Rock, and Frati said she is currently looking to collaborate with additional galleries, retail outlets and clothing manufacturers.


“My goal is to create art full-time and collaborate with musicians, bands, clothing manufacturers and galleries, showcase my work at art shows outside of Arkansas,” she said. “I just want to expand, grow, spread the love and positive vibes.” 


To check out more of Frati’s work, visit her Instagram and Facebook pages.




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