There are all manner of entertainment options for fundraisers, corporate meetings and other events, but guests who think they have seen it all might be blown away by the incredible hoop tricks of Conway’s Katie Wilson, better known by her stage name, Katie Sunshine.


With her festive costumes and energetic routines set to upbeat music, audiences are as wowed by Wilson’s smile and charm as they are by her phenomenal hoop skills. 


“My favorite part is basking in the afterglow of a live performance that has gone really well,” she said. “It’s quite the adrenaline rush to get on stage and pour yourself out for a live audience. When there’s a reciprocal energy being shared between me and an audience, it’s like no other feeling on earth.”




She began hooping as a fun, active hobby, but when a video of her hooping went viral, she began getting gigs across the country. In the years since, she has performed a fire hoop act on “The Gong Show,” booked a small role on a Greg Garcia sitcom pilot, hooped in the music videos for Jerrod Niemann’s “Drink to That All Night” and the Record Co.’s “Rita Mae Young,” and performed at the World Expo in Dubai with North Little Rock-based Arkansas Circus Arts. 


“It doesn’t matter what line of work you’re in; the relationships you build are so important,” she said, “and speaking of relationships, I have learned to cherish those relationships with people who love, encourage and support me. Those individuals are so valuable to me and keep me going and allow me to continue to create art.”


She said she excels as a performer because she is self-motivated, organized, reliable and personable.




“I train and work out regularly to keep myself in physical shape to perform a rather strenuous job,” she said. “I choreograph routines, I rehearse and practice, I map and plan narratives to specific acts, and I sew and craft costumes.”


However, getting the routines down is just one part of the job. Wilson also handles her own office duties and has a robust social media presence that requires daily upkeep — all on top of her 9-to-5 at the Little Rock Convention & Visitors Bureau.


“I can honestly say I’ve booked some gigs not because I’m the most talented hoop dancer out there, but because the client knows they can depend on me to show up on time, come prepared, and have a positive attitude while I’m working,” she said.


While getting to share her talents with audiences across the state, country and world is an undeniable thrill, Wilson said she also gets a kick out of collaborating with other flow artists and professionals such as photographers, musicians, filmmakers, visual artists and stage designers.




“Being surrounded by artists and art lovers is an endless stream of inspiration,” she said.


In the future, she said, she hopes to become more involved in filmmaking — this time, behind the camera as a producer.


Fans can follow Wilson on Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. For booking, email


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