Hey, ladies. Do me a solid. Pay attention to this week’s Lisa’s Favorite Things and find out how you can have eyebrows that are everything. It will likely start with a trip to see my friend and champion eyebrow microblader, Myra Weaver. Myra has been in the beauty industry for over 30 years and began microblading 15 years ago. She knows eyebrows and has a strict policy that she won’t let your eyebrows walk in the room before you do. Microblading from Myra Weaver is a subtle yet permanent way to achieve the look you want.

I have several autoimmune conditions; one of them I deal with has to do with eyebrows. I have alopecia, a condition that causes bald spots. I only have one small spot but it happens to be where everyone would see it. My eyebrows. My right one, to be specific. It looks like I over-tweezed once (remember how people did that in their younger years and still have thin eyebrows because of it?) but I never over-tweezed. I actually have thick eyebrows. But that one spot was difficult to fill-in. Enter Myra Weaver. I was looking for someone to microblade, and I’ve known her for 25 years. So, I called her.
What is microblading? It is the process where the technician uses tiny, feather-like strokes with permanent ink, think tattoo, that look  like hairs so you don’t have to fill them in anymore with eyebrow pencils. Myra matches the brow color by looking at your hair color and then going from there. It takes roughly two treatments but for light-haired or red-haired individuals, it might take three treatments.  You will need a touch up in one to three years as micropigmentation starts to fade.The price is $400, but for July she is running a special.  $50 off! That ends July 31, so snap to it and give her a call. You will love the results! Or call her for a consultation. There was no down-time for me, but I do not have sensitive skin. My brows were really dark for about five days. If you have any body ink, then you know the drill: you have to treat it with petroleum jelly and wipe it gently then wait for it to scab a bit and the really dark part will fall off.

Contact Myra by going to her Facebook page for more information. Ravissante, Inc. is the name of her business. She will work with you to achieve the eyebrow look you want (and she does other permanent cosmetic procedures as well like eyeliner, lip liner, lips, etc.) So, shave 10 minutes off your makeup routine and wake up eyebrow ready in a moment’s notice!
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