Lisa’s Favorite Things: Molly Maid


Besides the proverbial gym membership and weight loss goals, another common New Year’s resolution is getting organized.

I have an “in”for you here to accomplish all of these goals: call Molly Maid. Yup, because of Molly Maid’s every-two-week visits to my home, I have MORE TIME to do the things we all say we are going to do.  I have more time to go to the gym, to get organized, to take care of my family, because what I’m NOT doing is stressing over cleaning my home.

My obsession with Molly Maid started about 10 years ago.  I was introduced to the outstanding Silva-Nash family, who are the reason this Molly Maid has won Franchisee of the Year for Molly Maid. I was working in radio and homeschooling my kids so I really needed the help.  My kids had their responsibilities (clean their rooms and bathroom and make their beds), but I needed help with some deeper cleaning around the house. I mean, they were great kids and all but did they wipe down the baseboards with a rag? Nope.  Did they clean above the door jambs? Nope. Did they clean the glass on the inside and outside of the back porch? That’s another negative. That’s where Molly Maid comes in.

In fact, the first time the team of two-uniformed women came to my home they had to call in back up.  We are pretty tidy homeowners but sheesh, they found dirt I didn’t know I had. The first clean from them is so thorough it might embarrass you. (It’s not their goal but you might wonder how you’ve been living in squalor, and no one told you).  The office sent two other women to help, and it took these nice people four hours to get it done right the first time. That means, if you’re doing the math, it would have taken one human 16 hours to get this house to Molly Maid specifications! That’s a pretty impressive clean right there.  I think I shed a tear that day. My husband even asked if they were able to do yard work, too.


Now it is just my usual team of Carolina and Patty who show up every other Tuesday, and they can knock it out in a little over two hours.  It is because they spent so much time with the initial cleaning that it lessens their time for the regular cleaning for subsequent visits and lowers their price to a regular flat rate for the ongoing service.

Another point about Molly Maid is that they are properlybonded and insured. That means if anything breaks or is missing or someone gets hurt, it’s covered on their huge insurance policy.  Did you know that you are liable if someone gets hurt on YOUR property? What would you do if someone broke something while cleaning your home? In ten years, we have had two small claims and the folks at the office in Maumelle tended to it within a couple of days. Very impressive response time and no questions asked.

I no longer have children at home (did you hear the clink of champagne glasses just now?), but I really need Molly Maid of Greater Little Rock more than ever.  They have a key to my home; they get in and out and know all the nuances of my home (like the shower that leaks) and I remind them only to clean certain unoccupied rooms once a month. They customize the cleanings for the homeowner. And to clarify, it is not just homes they clean, they clean apartments as well. One-time special occasion cleanings, move in and out cleanings, post-construction and regularly scheduled services are all services they offer.

Interested? Give them a call.  They have an office in central Arkansas (501-758-9996) and Northwest Arkansas (479-802-5333). Here’s the link to request a customized estimate for your home.

Now get back to your diet you were gonna start and your daily Bible reading, because you have a clean house to enjoy once Molly Maid does their magic!

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