It’s no secret, and you can search my social media footprint to back up what I’m going to say: I cook but I don’t bake. Two entirely different animals.
The first, anybody who can read a recipe, multi-task and can throw things in a pot can do. The latter, someone with extreme patience who likes to measure and take his/her time with every tiny detail is a baking warrior. Meet Lana Summitt. She is a cooking-baking/petit four-making warrior.
Lana’s Little Happys
Lana Summitt is the name behind Lana’s Little Happys. And if you’ve had any of her cookie creations or petit fours, you’re yelling at your device saying, “Yes, girl!” Lana is one of those individuals who clearly pays attention to those tiny details and is an artist and baker all in one. She loves to talk to the clients to find out what they are wanting.  She says that the personal ones are her favorites. Need a logo? Done. Want your monogram on there? Do you like the Tiffany robin’s-egg blue box? Those are so easy for her. She can do all that blind-folded (full disclosure: her eyes are completely open when she does the tiny details and the baking. That was my attempt at hyperbole). All you need is to reach out to Lana for the order; she can handle the rest.  As an artist, Lana does love to mock up some drawings to give you an idea of what your order will look like.
Lana’s Little Happys
She’s a mom to two small children but baking is her outlet. Her home-kitchen is tricked out with all the proper baking accoutrements. She kneads to meet your needs. (See what I did there?) You will be oh-so-bigly-happy you ordered from Lana’s Little Happys. Find her on Facebook to get your cookie on.

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