Lisa’s Favorite Things: Self Defense with Krav Fit

Now that school is back in session, do you worry about the safety of your family and children? Want a self-defense course that will equip you and your family to ward off an attacker?

There is a program in central Arkansas where you can build your stamina and learn to fight off the bad guys, and it includes an impressive array of self-defense moves that anyone can learn.

Stick around for a quick course on Krav Fit.

krav fit

Using Krav Fit to disable attackers

What is Krav Fit? It is self-defense techniques rooted in Krav Maga, which is a type of physical training first developed for Israeli soldiers in the 1940s. It is translated literally as “contact combat.” Krav Fit was started 15 years ago by Devin Shirley, a second-degree Krav Maga black belt. He is still affiliated with this group and offers special seminars and instructor training among other things.

I am familiar with Krav Fit because of my longtime friend, Ann Marie Gibbs. She offers Krav Fit classes in her west Little Rock personal training studio. In light of news reports of innocent women being kidnapped and murdered or women risking their lives over their favorite designer purse in shopping center parking lots, it is good to know that women CAN learn basic self-defense techniques that can take an attacker down.

krav fit

Ann Marie Gibbs

You might have seen Gibbs on local news outlets after reports about women being approached in gas stations for money or other similar stories. Gibbs and seven other instructors help train children, men and women how to crush the enemy. Want it? Then sign up soon. The fall schedule of classes has begun. There are a total of eight different classes taught each week. If you want to be in Gibbs’ class, then sign up for the Wednesday class that is from 4:50-5:50 p.m.

I don’t want to be a statistic.  That is why this is very important to me.  And it should be to you as well. And police say if you’re asked for a purse, give it to the perpetrator.  Your life isn’t worth it.

Sign up for classes here:

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