Lisa’s Favorite Things: Crave Catering


It is no secret that I’m a cook, a home cook, if you will. So who does a home cook call when he/she is having a party? The real cooks from Crave Catering. My friend Mara introduced me to them after I ate some delicious, well-planned nibbles at a party she was having. It was just a gals’ get-together, and I loved everything I put in my mouth. I stored their digits in my phone and gave them a call when I was having a bridal shower at my home but didn’t want to spin the plates (pardon the pun) of hosting PLUS FEEDING the nice guests.

I first met with Brooke Williams, and we planned our attack. The guest of honor was gluten-intolerant. Was that an issue? Not at all. Brooke and her partner Gina Marshall helped design the charcuterie assortment with meats, cheeses, fruits, olives (your mouth just watered, didn’t it?) and gluten-free crackers. Not only was it delicious, Crave Catering did all the heavy lifting. Dressed in their chef attire, they laid everything out on my dining room table and then the next day picked up any dishes they had brought over along with all of the serving bowls. They are a turn-key operation. That was one thing I didn’t have to worry about that day. 

It’s hard to impress someone who cooks with catering. There are so many things I would never serve for a party (yes, those Sam’s mini quiches and nasty cold Knorr’s spinach dip almost make me spit) so I’m really picky when it comes to catering. But Brooke and Gina with Crave Catering so surpassed my expectations and will be getting a call from me soon because I’m thinking my next venture will be a taco party! How fun does that sound? If Brooke and Gina do all the work I’ll focus my time on the margarita machine. I mean, someone has to test it.

Crave Catering

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