Lisa Fischer’s Favorite Things: Lindsey Gillum, Nurse Practitioner

Lindsey Gillum, nurse practitioner

OK, kids, gather ‘round. We are going to have an adult conversation. And it deals with hormones. Before you hang up, know this. Your hormones dictate much of your day. Thyroid hormones, insulin, and then of course there are the gender-specific hormones that people squirm when the conversation goes in that direction. Lindsey Gillum, APRN, FNP-C with Revive Lifestyle Medicine, can help. 

I was introduced to Lindsey by a friend who knew I am all about the thyroid. Having suffered for years with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis (are you cold, constipated, hair fall out, heavy periods, weight gain and fatigue? Then you need to make an appointment with her and have your antibodies for thyroid disease measured as well as getting a complete thyroid profile), I was always looking for a healthcare provider to help women who suffer from the condition. Is suffer an exaggeration? Absolutely not. It’s an autoimmune disease that can interfere with everyday activities, and Lindsey is a very sympathetic ear to those very real symptoms.

Lindsey sits and listens for about an hour, or whatever it takes, to get to the bottom of WHY you are ill or feeling bad. She is currently pursuing fellowship in nutrition and metabolic medicine, and she shares the philosophy of that line of healthcare that looks at what is causing the issue(s). She will work closely with you to find the right supplements or medication to give you relief. She is a mom to five children and is very dedicated to women’s health. She truly cares.

Now onto the subject matter for mature audiences. She can help you get your groove back. My friend Kelly says, “My husband and I have gone from being roommates who got along to trying to figure out how to get out of town every weekend to be naked.” She added a smiley emoticon but I can’t find one to publish here. Lindsey uses saliva and blood testing to help decipher what your hormones are doing. We know male and female hormones wax and wane as we get older. The good news? You don’t have to live that way.

In her upcoming expansion, Lindsey will lead the way in the once not-discussed area of women’s vaginal and sexual health. Revive Lifestyle Medicine has invested in the latest and safest technology to help women further embrace their inner and outer being.

Lindsey Gillum doesn’t wear a cape, but she should. She’s a superhero in my book.

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