You know the billboard, on I-40 by the big church, that sparkles in the sunlight? That stunner shows a ring from Cecil’s Fine Jewelry.  Yet it’s the other stunning pieces that have made me a loyal fan since the 90s for the same reason everyone who shops there will tell you – that owner Becky Whelan and her staff offer outstanding customer service.
Walking into Cecil’s isn’t intimidating even though the crown jewels of Little Rock are in there! It’s the staff that makes you feel at home.  They’ll greet you and offer a freshly baked cookie (grab one or three) and a soft drink, and then they’ll let you browse. You just might want to daydream. I remember when my daughters were in their teens, we went there one morning, and I swear we tried on every piece of jewelry in the store!  They’ll let you. But they’re also listening and watching. Their radar goes off when they see you might prefer one piece over another and then they stealthily call the person in charge of purchasing at your home (it’s my husband in ours) and magically earrings, rings, and necklaces have all shown up for different birthdays, Christmas and anniversaries.

One anniversary, we were redoing our kitchen, and hubby pulled out the new dishwasher that was to be installed the next day. He said, “It’s your anniversary gift. See how the big the top rack is.” I was about to roll my eyes, thinking, ‘Seriously?,’when I opened the top rack and a beautiful necklace and pendant were in there. That was 11 years ago. I wear those pieces to this day. That’s the kind of jewelry Becky and her staff sell: pieces you will enjoy for years.
The Fischers started the shopping tradition for our family and now we have second generation shoppers going to Cecil’s.  My daughter and her husband are loyal customers as well. They married in 2015, and I went with her to look at wedding bands before their wedding.   We went to Cecil’s first, other places next, and then wound back up at Cecil’s. My daughter said it was the customer service that brought her back. And that wedding band (sweet yellow gold band with diamonds) didn’t cost a million dollars, but the staff treats you like you just bought the Hope Diamond! They take such good care of their customers.  Becky will tell you that she loves it when Cecil’s becomes your jeweler for life. Sure, she loves a $30k ring sale, but she really likes the $300 bracelet sales and the customer who comes back for all her jewelry needs. My daughter goes back because she feels at home there. Just like I do.

The price points are really good for fine jewelry. Plus, the 50-60 percent sale cases are full with goodies. And that’s another thing, Becky puts things in the two sale cases ALL THE TIME. (I mean, who has 50-60 percent off fine jewelry??? WHO DOES THAT?) There’s a sale case for both fashion and bridal.  Check that out. And check out the customer service. Not many stores have the owner in the store greeting you every time you walk in. But at Cecil’s, you’ll see Becky and her team cheerfully welcoming you. They love their customers!
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