Libation of the Week: Sweet Sensations


We Tomtoms have lived in our home for nearly 20 years, thus we are well acquitted with a number of the local business owners in our neighborhood. Hank and Wiley own the liquor store near our home, and after nearly two decades and monthly visits for merlot and other items for birthday, holiday and other celebrations, we’ve gotten to know them pretty well.

Hank and the Hubster talk about the latest or classic liquors, and Honey being the adventurer he is, he’ll give it a try. A few weeks ago, I decided to venture out and try Burnett’s Strawberry Banana Vodka. Yes, I know it’s a novelty … we ladies like that. I invited a few friends over, logged onto the Burnett’s website and found a few drinks to try out — after all, I have an obligation to you all, don’t I?

Strawberry Banana Paradise

Strawberry Banana Twist

First up: the Strawberry Banana Twist, a simply combination of the vodka and lemon-lime soda served with ice.

Next: the Strawberry Banana Paradise, a mixture of the vodka and pineapple juice

Last: the Orange Sunrise (photo at top of page), which calls for the vodka, orange juice and grenadine — I completely forgot about the grenadine, however, it was tasty just the same.

Of the three, I preferred the Strawberry Banana Twist, as the flavor of the vodka was showed through more. The guys preferred the Paradise — they’re pineapple juice fans.

No matter. They were all pretty good, especially when paired with chips, salsa and good friends and lively conversation.

P.S. We wish Hank and Wiley the very best as they, this Monday, began their well-deserved retirement. They’ve owned Economy Liquors for 38 years. Congratulations.

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