Making the final stop on the Beer and Bar Food Bucket List month at AY About You, Heather Baker and KARK’s Hillary Hunt swing into Mockingbird Bar & Tacos in SoMa to check out what Jack Sundell and his crew have cooked up.


“Just like our sister-restaurant The Root Cafe, we do farm to table here with Latin American flavors and scratch cooking. We call it “farm to tacos,’” Sundell says.  He’s sending out the restaurant’s Smoked Carrot taco, Rabbit Ridge Farms Carnitas taco, and the specialty tofu taco. “We have scratch-made corn tortillas made before every shift, and we’re also sending out our scratch-made empanadas, our taco salad, nachos and queso — all the good stuff.”


Dining outside on Main Street, Baker and Hunt are ready to dig in. Scanning the table, Baker zeroes in on the empanadas and nachos while Hunt is blown away by the amount of food.


“All I can say is wow, wow, wow, wow. Heather and I have four tacos each, I have a vegan option and you can make a whole plate out of vegan tacos,” Hunt says before diving into the Smoke Carrot and the tofu. “I didn’t even know it was tofu!”


Baker sticks to her guns with the chicken and carnitas tacos. “I love that pork. It is amazing!” she says before claiming the taco salad. “This is loaded with avocado, meat, cheese and lettuce all in this crunchy shell.”


A Beer and Bar Food stop would be incomplete without drinks, and Chef Sundell provided the women with plenty of options.


Sipping on what Hunt calls a “picture-perfect summer drink,” Baker describes the Mockingbird Bar and Tacos’s signature drink. “This is a Frozen Hibiscus Limeade mixed with their house margarita and it is calling my name,” Baker says.


Meanwhile, Hunt swoons over the spread of drafts laid out in front of her. Mockingbird recently partnered with Preston Rose Farm and Brewing Co. to be the exclusive draft beer provider at the restaurant. “We’re so excited to share this incredible beer with Central Arkansas,” Chef Sundell says.


Hunt names off the options in front of her saying, “They have it all!”


Next week will bring another round of local tasty food. Stay tuned for what AY About You has in store for Baker and Hunt.


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