Kybella: For More Than Just Your Chin


We’ve all heard of the magical injection called Kybella that gets rid of that annoying double chin. But did you know that this magic drug can be used for any annoying area of fat? It can be used in other areas besides for your chin – your thighs, your bra fat, your arms.

Kybella is a series of (usually two) injections that dissolve fat permanently. That fat you got rid of? It’s never coming back. I know you must be thinking “Well, why is Kybella only marketed for under the chin, then?”

Using Kybella in areas other than the chin is considered “off label.” That means it isn’t talked about as much, but that doesn’t mean it’s not safe. Kybella is safe to inject anywhere you have fat. It is best for small trouble areas of fat, because if you try to cover a large area it can become very expensive. As always, make sure that you get your treatment from a very experienced injector. As magical as this drug is, it isn’t free or free of risks and complications when injected improperly.

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