Starting on October 15, you’ll no longer be able to pick up an AY About You Magazine on your weekly Kroger run. In fact, Kroger will no longer distribute any free magazines to their customers.

Marketers typically place advertisements in magazines based off their overall readership, including both the magazine’s paying subscribers and casual readers who pick up an issue at their grocery store or in their doctor’s office. Placing an advertisement in a magazine with a strong readership is more financially viable than running an entire separate ad campaign. Potential consumers are more likely to react positively to this sort of seamless sponsored content than they are to an intrusive billboard or commercial.

Unfortunately, if a large chain like Kroger decides to completely drop these magazines, it leads to a drop in readership, reverberating up and down the chain, from readers missing out on interesting and entertaining local information to magazines losing their links with advertisers.

While September may be the last month you’ll be able to find our literary produce at your local Kroger, there are several other options to enjoy our articles. If you’d like AY or Arkansas Money and Politics delivered directly to your doorstep, check out our subscription options on our websites, Our rates start at $1 per issue. Alternatively, many other stores carry our magazines, and you can always read digital versions of AY and Arkansas Money & Politics online.

To voice concerns about the change, readers can contact Kroger representatives at (901) 765-4100.

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