Turn Your Kid into a Top Chef at the Young Chefs Culinary Camp!

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Do you have a youngster who’s a whiz in the kitchen? Who can whip up tasty treats and bake like no one’s business?

Then help them develop their skills this summer at the Young Chefs Culinary Camps, hosted by the UA – Pulaski Tech Culinary Arts and Hospitality Management Institute.

During these camps, students can take sessions on baking, cake making and culinary skills. There are four sessions – June 3-7, June 10-14, June 17-21 and June 24-28. Each session has four camps, which include Baking Camp, Cake Camp and Culinary Camp. Each camp has multiple levels of increasing advancement.

Baking camp has two levels. Students will learn the basics of baking bread, pastries, cakes and confections in Baking Camp Level I, while also learning kitchen organization. In Level II, students will increase their skills and learn how to make croissants, macarons and plated deserts.

Cake camp (doesn’t that sound great!) has two levels for campers. In Level I, students will learn how to “bake, fill and frost cupcakes and celebration cakes,” according to the camp website. Students will have a final project: designing a celebration cake! In Cake Camp Level II, students will continue to hone their pipping and sugar modeling techniques and learn how to create sugar flowers. The final project will be shown at the inter-camp Youth Chef Culinary Camp Sugar Art Show.

There are three levels for Culinary Camp, and students will learn a wide range of skills. In Level I, campers will make starters, entrée and dessert. During this level, knife skills will be emphasized, along with the importance of cleaning and sanitizing the kitchen and maintain organization. Students will make soups, stocks and sauces and learn how to cook meat, seafood, vegetables, fruits, beans and grains.

Culinary Camp Level II will build on Level I, and students will learn how to make different international foods. Your kid will get to experience the world right here in Little Rock! For Level III, students will hone their skills have prepare a family-style luncheon at the end of the camp.

Campers must enroll in the camp sessions in level order. Level I camps must be taken before you can take a Level II camp, and a Level II camp must be taken before a Level III camp. For example, a student must have taken the Level I baking camp before he/she takes the Level II baking camp.

Camps are for students ages 10 to 17. The camps will run Monday through Friday, from 8 a.m. to 1:30 p.m.

Registration begins Monday, February 18, and the early bird rate is $250 per camp. The regular rate is $275. Camp slots are limited and will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis. To reserve a spot, UA-Pulaski Tech must receive your payment and registration.

For more information, contact Kristin Howell at khowell@uaptc.edu or call (501) 907-6670 ext. 3407.

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