From her confident start as a one-woman operation in 1994 to the driving force of a now-collaborative team of more than 35 talented individuals, Tracie J. Kelley has made a powerful cutting-edge in the Real Estate market. And she’s not slowing down anytime soon. 


Kelley is the President and CEO of KellCo Custom Homes, Inc., a central Arkansas based company specializing in one-of-a-kind custom homes and high-end remodeling. Kelley designs and builds with luxury in every detail. No matter the element of design, no matter the meticulously hand-detailed and thoroughly obsessed-over styles, Kelley designs and builds a finely crafted custom home that is timeless and unique to each clients’ needs and desires, combining a leading edge in home building for the demands of today and for the future. KellCo Custom Homes and its team of professionals are able to assist its clients in every aspect of the home building process. 

   “I have a fierce passion for helping others which is the driving force allowing for me to provide such a dynamic approach to serving my clients in every venture I set,” Kelley says. 


   Such esteem and these standards of the highest quality have made KellCo one of central Arkansas’ best home builders and Real Estate firms, and have elevated Kelley’s acclaim and notoriety, in her own right. In December of 2019, Tracie J. Kelley was named one of Arkansas’ Power Women by Arkansas Money & Politics. 


“I’ve set the bar high for myself and work daily to exceed my clients’ expectations,” she say proudly. 


930 East Kiehl Ave | Sherwood, AR | 501.993.5232