A new limited series is reportedly in the works and the main focus is none other than John Daly, the professional golfer raised in Dardanelle, Arkansas.


What actor could possibly portray the legendary golfer, you might ask? According to sources who spoke with Deadline, Kevin James (“The King of Queens,” “Paul Blart: Mall Cop,” “Grown Ups”) is ready to take on the role!


Gary Valentine, Rory Rosegarten, and David Spiegelman are among the names attached to executive produce the series. If you’ve never heard these names before, don’t worry; I did all the digging for you.


Valentine is a comedian who wrote for and acted in “The Kings of Queens,” portraying the cousin of James’ character. Oh yeah, and he’s also the real-life brother of James. Rosegarten is a two-time Emmy-winning producer (“Everybody Loves Raymond”) and talent manager. He represents Valentine as his manager, along with other big names in comedy, including Ray Romano, Tom Green, Brian Regan and more.



Gary Valentine (left), Kevin James (right)


As for Spiegelman, he has an extensive resume in Hollywood as a director and producer, working with Disney, CBS/Paramount, Universal Studios, New Regency, Mandalay Pictures, Cheyenne Enterprises and more throughout his career. According to his LinkedIn page, he most recently served as president of Domestic Television for STX Entertainment.


Now, you may be puzzled by the choice of casting. Do Kevin James and John Daly look anything alike? Not in my opinion, but hear me out. Sure, Daly might be most well-known for his PGA wins and record-breaking driving distance, but let’s not forget the other reason his fans adore him. Daly has this jovial, free-spirited attitude that is extremely captivating to the masses. Can the same not be said about James?


While talks of the limited series are still in their early stages, details regarding where it may be streamed have not yet been announced. AY About You will edit this article with updates as they become available.


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